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Landing gear rotation question

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I've been working on an aircraft model, but I'm struggling with one final problem: The landing gear.

Normally the Rustler's landing gear rotates to the left and right inwards but I'm trying to get it to rotate backwards.


Unlike changing the rotation of some (vehicle) doors, there is no dummy. There is only the gear_l and gear_r. Changing the pivot of those two does not work.

There are mods for download which do provide this backwards landing gear animation without any additional scripts, so it is possible!


Does anyone have some tips for me? 


Thanks in advance!

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Have you try adding a dummy yet ?

Its like :


-- gear_l


-- gear_r

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Thanks for your advice, I added the dummies but that didn't quite solve my problem.

In the end though, with some messing around I got it working! For anyone having the same problem, this is what I did:


(using 3DS Max)


1. Copy any dummy already existing in the scene - rename it to the respective part it controls (the dummy for gear_l will be named gear_l_dummy, etc.) then place that dummy as first in the hierarchy, above anything else.

2. Select the entire hierarchy with everything in it, so you have all objects and dummies selected.

3. Set the Reference Coordinate System (should be on ''view" by default) to ''local''.

4. In the workbar, go to the "Hierarchy" tab and select "Affect Pivot Only" 

5. Now, rotate all objects to the necessary axis.

6. Once done, set the Reference Coordinate System to "view" again. If I don't do this and leave it on ''local'' your game will crash upon loading the new model (this is what happens to me at least.)

7. Lastly, do not use Reset Xform, as this will reset the custom axis to the default value again.


And that's it!


Thanks for helping Ripper!

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Nah good job!

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