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Exporting map models

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So, my goal is to export Los Santos to a certain model format (.fbx, .obj, doesn't really matter), and somehow get the textures too, as I want to port it into another game.

So far, I have been able to import parts of the map using .ipl files thanks to Kam's scripts for 3dsMax.

Maybe I could get the whole map this way, but my problem is the textures. I can't seem to get them this way, and I don't know how I could get all the required textures.

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Posted (edited)

if you want to export the whole of SA Map , you need to export all of texture from every TXD's in gta3.img and then export them to 1 folder , then after that you just need to set path project of texture and then show map with shaded in materials.

Edited by 6Four9

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Thanks for the response.
I managed to export all the textures, worked greatly, but now I have another problem.
It seems that the Kam's scripts only exports a LOD version of the map when I import the .ipl file.

Also, hasn't anyone already exported the map? I saw some mods, in Car Mechanic Sim 2018 for ex. that have the map, isn't there a model available somewhere?

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which kam's script did you used ? the old one or the new one ? Kam's Script (2018) by Golden Fish.

i don't know about the models , since it's a big convert 3d model , i doubt people would upload it somewhere.

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