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pet default

Are rockstar developing gta 4 for mobile?

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pet default

I wanted to check the GTA 4  website (rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto4 to see if it was still up only to find that the website redirects you to a website with the URL rockstar games.com/IV/mobile meaning that this website is going to be used for the launch of GTA 4 mobile unfortunately when you give them the correct date of birth it comes up with the message "you are not permitted to view the website at this time" if you don't believe me then type up the URL link yourself (rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto4 or rockstar games.com/IV/mobile does this mean that GTA 4 is coming out for mobile?

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Wow this made me exhale air through my nose.
Were you using it with a mobile phone or a tablet or any other mobile device? Because the website simply detects a mobile device and switches the normal webpage with the mobile version of it.

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pet default

Actually I found the website on my laptop

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pet default

The website must of updated because now you can view gta 4 iPhone wallpapers it's so COOL

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Note: This official mini-site for Grand Theft Auto IV is designed for mobile devices and Flash-disabled browsers. If you have a Flash-enabled web browser and have reached this site in error, please click here for the full official Flash site. If you need to update your Flash player, please click here for the latest plug-in.

So... no. They are not. It's simply a mobile-friendly version of the site.

Edited by Yinepi

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No , i don't think there will be GTA IV mobile since they DON'T CARE anymore .

Edited by santosvagos
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GTA IV is a pretty heavy and quite poorly optimized game as it is, and on top of that it has a physics engine to run. I don't think phones/tablets will be able to run it without compromising gameplay or graphics any time soon.

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pet default

But when I first found the website it looked different for example before you couldn't enter the website without typing in the right date of birth and even if you do type in the right date of birth a message comes up saying"you are not permitted to view this website at this time" here is a screen shot

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