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Should I buy a nightclub or a Vehicle Warehouse


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I want to buy a nightclub since its on sale like around 680000 but i think that a vehicle warehouse is more profitable. To buy a vehicle warehouse i still have to grind 1 mil. Should i get a nightclub or should i just keep on grinding to get a vehicle warehouse?

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The nightclub isn't very profitable if you don't also have: a bunker, a cargo warehouse or hangar, the coke, meth, and cash MC businesses, as well as the nightclub equipment upgrade.


Depending on how much you play, you might still be able to buy a nightclub on sale though if you get the vehicle warehouse first.


Make sure you only sell top range cars, but you probably already know that.


You might not want to buy the cheapest nightclub anyway as its location sucks.

Edited by SummerFreeze
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If you already own existing businesses, Nightclub is a good place to go, as you can have automatic sourcing from those properties through the Nightclub itself. (eg. Bunker, Biker business) Vehicle Warehouse isn't one of those compatible properties for passive production.


If you're just starting out in the game, Vehicle Warehouse is your best friend. 7 Top Range vehicles will make that money for a Nightclub at a good pace.

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Would probably go for night club due discount and grab a vehicle warehouse when there's a discount on it aswell. While vehicle warehouse is an amazing way to make money it requires being active to do so. Night club is passive and will generate money without needing to put too much work into it. Also be sure to grab the upgrades aswell. Staff upgrade first to reduce popularity drop to half so that you need to do the popularity missions every 2 GTA days instead of each day for max daily club profit.

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I say get the vehicle warehouse and you can immediately start stealing some cars and getting paid for that and you can very quickly get to the point where you can import/expert top range vehicles only, to the tune of 80k for each one you sell.


if you get the nightclub, you will have to do 2 setup missions to begin with after you buy it, and as someone said, you won't be making any real money until you buy 2 expensive upgrades, pricey extra cargo storage floors, and increasingly expensive individual technicians to help you acquire goods - and of course you should already have every other "business" purchased, ideally, before you get to this point for it all to be worthwhile with the nightclub


Nightclub should be your end goal IMO

Edited by DPRK
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Nightclub is a BIG money sink, but once you get to the point where you car really afford it, it's a definite must have property.

The I/E warehouse is a very good immediate money maker to work your way to owning the club and all it's upgrades/accessories.


Once you do own the club and the TerrorByte, you can do Client Jobs, which are an absolutely excellent way to make your money back in combination with all the stuff you'll be doing now.

I had a little over $30 million when After Hours dropped, now I have over $220 million and have bought a ton of stuff since.


There are some really excellent money guides on youtube you should check out to plan your purchases, it's a lot to cover, but once you have a good solid idea of where you want to go, you'll have a pretty easy time of it.

You don't have to follow anyone else's guides to the letter, do what you like to keep the game fun, but the guides will allow you to bypass any mistakes so you won't regret any purchases.

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  • 5 weeks later...

I stopped playing after bunker update but want to start again with the casino coming. I got 2.5m left and want to invest for making more money but not sure in what.
I have:
-coke and meth lab
-i/e warehouse(10-10-12)

I want to make more money(fast) and now I'm not sure what to buy. I know about the bogdan, which I'm willing to do, but I don't have a facility. The NC is also good, but it's longterm(and expensive) I don't know how long I keep on playing so it's probably not worth it? Or should I go for the Terrobyte which make my i/e grind loop easier?
Im lost...

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Please, please listen to @DPRK


Vehicle warehouse will make you money NOW with no additional upgrades or businesses to purchase. The Nightclub seems cheap on the surface, but really takes at least $5 million to start bringing in decent money.


Purchase the vehicle warehouse and start saving.

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