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Glitched huge tower in the beach

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I just remembered a glitch I have seen years ago in GTA:VC and failed to replicate. The details are a bit hazy though.

When I was driving along a road which had a beach on the left side (IIRC the road with the Ocean View hotel so the beach should have been the Washington beach) I saw a road to the left which was not there before. When I turned left I saw a huge (like really tall but not very wide) tower at the end of the road. I remember that the road or the tower wasn't in the radar which just showed that I was in the middle of the beach when on the road. So I went in the building. 

It was divided to floors. Each floor was a chamber with two stairways on opposite sides with one to go down and one to go up, and there was some way to look out (IIRC a window) There are a building near a bridge to the Starfish Island that had the exact same floor design. That's all I remember about them.

I think I climbed for more than 30 minutes and it still didn't end. Then I got bored and looked out of the window on that floor. Then I noticed something grey and weirdly shaped above. So I started climbing again. After a couple more floors the building ended in a very weird place.

It was a huge (really wide, like it would have space for a couple of airplanes IIRC) road. I didn't saw this road from out of the building. It was grey color, and I don't remember if it had any markings. I think there were trees at the edges of the road. It sloped like a ramp on one end (I don't think I looked at the other side sadly) I thought to walk to the end of the ramp and look down. Had to run for a long time again to reach the end. But a small length near the end of the ramp wasn't properly meshed so I fell through it. I remember that I fell in the Avery construction site. 

I never managed to find it again. And I'm not imagining this because my brother saw it and I asked him, and he remembered this vaguely too.

Anyone seen this glitch before and know how to reproduce it? Curious what was at the other side of the road on the top.

Thank you for reading and ask me any questions you might have!


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Evil empire


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Don't have any pics, sorry. It happened like 5 or 6 yrs ago.

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Were you playing it on PC?

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Yep, it was on PC.

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