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New Opcodes in the Remastered SCM of San Andreas

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  • 3 new opcodes are present in the "remastered" scripts for GTA SA.
  • I don't know the purpose (for all) of the new opcodes.
  • A previously unused opcode documented for sa_mobile SCM contains an unusual format.
  • Setting Sanny Builder to IGNORE_UNKNOWN will still be required to decompile main.scm, even after updating sascm.ini. (update to v3.2.3)


The term "remastered" is intended to describe scripts created after sa_mobile for Android and iOS. The examples I was provided include WinStore, Xbox 360, and PS3. The PS3 version appears to be the most recent as they contain 2 addition global variables. The Xbox 360 and WinStore versions only contained 1 new global variable. However, the save games for WinStore appear to be using the older sa_mobile scripts (globals used in saved missions). It's my understanding that the saves for Xbox 360 and PS3 are hopelessly encrypted, so I have no way to verify if the scripts I was provided are used when playing the game.


The WinStore scripts that are used by the game should be found on a path similar to this:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\RockstarGames.GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas_1.0.0.9_x86__3t068xe29zjvp\Assets\Win8PatchData.obb\data\script\


New Opcodes: Append to sascm.ini of the sa_mobile profile.

0A8E=1,unknownRemaster1 %1d% 0A8E=1,Award_Achievement %1d%
0A90=1,  unknownRemaster3 %1d%


Unusual Format for 0A68:


;0a68=0,write_log_float ; f f f s
0a68=3,write_log_float %1d% %2d% %3d%


This is close to the mark, but the next 128 bytes is raw data. This is similar to opcode 05B6, an opcode that gets special handling in Sanny Builder.


Edited by OrionSR
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Good to see new Sanny Builder version.

I might see what can be done later.

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Came across this opcode while researching something completely different. On Windows Store, this opcode is simply skipped when missions are loaded into memory, which was causing offsets to not coincide with the ones in the script. Then I noticed that almost every time it's called it is used with a different value and it is always done when something is complete, which is very similar to how GTA IV had the achievements coded. Cross-checked the Xbox achievement list for SA and it matched.

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