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What's the deal with the Fort Zancudo AA on PC?


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I never had this problem when I played GTA V on PS3, but the anti-aircraft weaponry at Zancudo in the PC version is pretty absurd.



At about the 25-second mark, the voice comes over the radio giving me the no-fly zone warning, and my wanted level shoots to 4 stars. So, standard stuff. Hardly half a second later, a "missile" (I'm not even gonna give it the dignity of being called a missile) blows my rudder off and damages my left engine. This *exact same thing* now happens when I try to steal the Lazer from Zancudo, and I say this as someone who's done that theft many times with no issue. Trying to take it off from the base results in having your engine and tail hit by a missile that you have literally no way of avoiding, because it spawns right on you (with the others, they have to lock onto you and then fire first).


I'm not sure what's causing this, but it makes safely flying out of the base damn near impossible without a trainer or other vehicle invincibility cheat.

Edited by HawkbitAlpha
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Thats "much realistic" aproach from Rockstar. 

There are two things to do, quit playing or ignore this.Nothing else...

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El Penguin Bobo

I mean, you flew the plane  really really close to the base, so I think the game is automatically programmed to shoot you down, depending how close you are. 


Also, you're playing next gen, so expect some changes, lol.

Edited by El Penguin Bobo

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  • 2 weeks later...

I found answer, why is Zancudo air missiles are so s*itty.

They doesnt exist, instead we get cheaters weapon.

Good job R*...

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