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The Mysterious One

Denise progress dropping.

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The Mysterious One

So I recently started playing this again. I am still in the early stages of the game, so that I can do the tags and get certain stats up before I advance the story. I had gotten Denise as a girlfriend, but one thing that I noticed is that the progress stat drops, even when I took her on a date not long before. I was like "Woman, I just took you on a date!" What's the deal?

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lil weasel

Collect the Oysters.

If you lose Denise, or Millie they are gone forever, since you can only meet them during their specific mission.

When they call, drop what you are doing and date them.

Otherwise forget Denise, she has value only if you want the Clothing, or vehicle.

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The girlfriends will call every day as long as CJ is in town, which can lead to a dramatic loss of progress for Denise early on. If you can brave the constant 4-star wanted level, then go meet Katie near the SF golf course. Once she gets selected to call next, Denise won't bother you any more.

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Ballas King

Deosnt matter, it doesnt affect 100 % completion and there are a lot more girl friends to come, ❤️ Katie (if you date her you wont lose weps when wasted anymore, Barbara you dont lose weps when busted but she aint as sweet as Katie, Millie is the only one sorta mandatory , you will need her for a heist in LV much later)....

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