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What is Trevor's moral dilemma?

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I'm writing a paper for class and have to write about what Trevor's moral dilemma was and what the immediate outcome of it was. I also have to put what decision I made and why I made it? I haven't played the game much though so I don't know any of this and needed some help

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Play the whole game including the side missions and rampages. 


I'd say family issues and drugs. 

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I'd say a lot of how Trevor behaves, his morality, is based on abandonment issues both by his parents and people that he cares for and perhaps considered family (such as Michael). I think by and large this leads him to be something of a loner who surrounds himself with weak willed people such as Ron and Wade. He essentially bullies and manipulates Ron and Wade into sticking with him and not leaving him. But there's a hint that he wants to be liked, loved even, around people like Franklin by his reactions when he thinks they might be laughing at him or making fun of him.

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Wait a second..you have to write a paper for class (as in SCHOOL), based on a GTA game? Wow! I sure wish MY teachers I had back when I was in school were that awesome!



He's a psychopath. That's really all there is to it. He also bullies and manipulates people such as Ron and Wade into sticking with him, simply because they're weaker than him. It is also somewhat debatable whether he really cares about Michael and Franklin or is just simply using them.

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Posted (edited)

I think there's actually a few examples in the game that I would cite to suggest that he cares for people. Particularly Michael. Here's two that I can think of having recently played through the game...

1. When Michael is shot in the Prologue and tells Trevor to make a run for it, Trevor initially refuses to leave him behind (Ain't gonna leave you Mikey!). That suggests Trevor has a sense of loyalty at the very least. And I would say that if you are loyal to someone it is because you care for them.

2. When Trevor reaches Los Santos with Wade and stands on the hillside looking over the city he refers to Michael as his best friend and that he grieved for him. Again, that tells me that Trevor cared for Michael.

Edited by JB1982

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Abandonment issues and drugs. 

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