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Maxed out awards

Rev. Gnash

Recommended Posts

Rev. Gnash

List five awards you have maxed out (can not reset )

And list two, you wish you could reset.


1. Sharpshooter:

Kill enemies with bow headshot

2. Combat:

Kill enemies

3. Hunting:

Collect animal parts

4. Trade:

Sell animal products to a butcher

5. General:

Loot enemies


Wish I could reset -

Kill enemies with a bow headshot

Loot enemies






Edited by Rev. Gnash
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Collect animal parts

Kill 2 animals in an explosion


Spend Cash in shops

Sell Herbs to a Doctor

Sell animal products to a Butcher


Wish I could reset collect animal parts and sell to a butcher.


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Red Lynx 23


Kill One Person With A Bow From 100 Meters

Kill 50 Enemies Consecutively With The Same Weapon

Kill 6 Enemies With A Revolver Without Reloading



Collect Animal Partss

Kill A Flying Bird With An Arrow

Kill Two Animals In An Explosion

Kill 100 Types Of Animals

Catch 15 Types Of Fish



Kill Enemies



Visit 50 Shops

Spend $1000.00 In Shops

Sell An Item To 3 Shop Types

Sell Herbs To A Doctor

Earn 100 Gold Nuggets

Sell Animal Products To A Butcher



Taste Herbs

Cook Meat Types



Travel A Total Of 1898 Miles

Travel On Horseback From Valentine To Strawberry In 3:30

Travel On Horseback From Emerald Ranch To Braithewaite Manor In 3:45

Travel  On Horseback From Colter To Emerald Ranch In 1:30



Earn Maximum Dishonor

Earn Maximum Honor



Achieve Maximum Bond Level With Your Horse

Purchase Unique Horse Breeds

Survive A Fall Of 10 Meters With Your Horse


Free Roam:

Complete Free Roam Missions From 10 Characters

Complete 4 Free Roam Missions In A Day

Clear 4 Hideouts In A Day

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Red Lynx 23
12 minutes ago, Rev. Gnash said:

@Red Lynx 23


Name two you would reset, if it were possible.

Survive a fall of ten meters with your horse.

Kill six enemies with a revolver without reloading.


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When you mean "maxed out", what do you mean? As in, buckle awarded, or that you've reset the award 10 times? 



And, if it isn't about having an award maxed at level X, I'm pretty sure you can reset both of these awards. I have my "Kill Enemies with Bow Headshot" on Award III.

On 5/28/2019 at 7:26 PM, Rev. Gnash said:

Wish I could reset -

Kill enemies with a bow headshot

Loot enemies

Edited by Classique
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Amy Vinewood

1. Kill enemies

2. Money spent in shops
3. Craft items

4. Kill 2 animals in 1 explosion

5. Collect animal parts


I wish I could reset:

1. Kill enemies

2. Craft Items

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