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[GTA3] Looking for fellow Modders/Coders and the like for a Project.


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Okay so it's about time I get serious about making my own mods and that. So I was deliberating about which game to do and I am sticking to GTA3 for now.


It was the first game that I found skinning easy, so that will be the first thing I will focus on.


This Mod I am doing is going to be a Total Conversion, but I'd settle for just cosmetic or vanity sh*te just to learn and apply what I know so far.


If you are interested in this, please comment/reply here. Any and all help will be appreciated!


When I get some artists to work on some designs, I will share my own on DeviantART and the like.


I also have some stuff on FB. But most of my stuff is NOT game resources yet, they are actual things I have done for Art school and have been in galleries.


A little bit more? I have done realism Art with both Charcoal and Pencil. I also have a history of flip books and tattoo design. I prefer doing art that has more than just one meaning.


Also I create music, again, will share and follow others upon request and joining with me.


I don't usually use discord but I can make a channel easy, just need to get the numbers up to see who is interested.


Also I DO NOT expect free art or submissions, I will be willing to pay my way if only my ideas and spit balling is understood to give great insight into what A E S T H E T I C I choose.


For now, GTA3 is gonna be the base. I have multiple options to what exactly direction I want to go.


The main one I am feeling atm is Cyberpunk style aesthetic, but if not, I'd settle for 20 years ahead or even 10. It may or may not be Alternative history like. So that is something worth noting.


I don't expect coders/programmers to do everything for me either! I know some myself so I won't "Hey man I got this idea for this game, I cannot pay you but when it releases I'll give you royalities!" 😛


You know?


ha ha so yeah, despite my humor, I am serious about doing this modding now. It's about support and interest right now, and throwing sh*te against the wall to see what sticks.


Discussion welcome. Critizism open and valued if only its constructive.


If you have any experience with what I am saying, or are at least an Artist, I think we can make something good.


Be good hearing your thoughts and opinions peeps!

By the way this isn't some special GFX type of game, I want to make it so it can run on pretty much anything. Low poly and low gfx is a plus.

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