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My dyom crashes list/bugs

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DY-OM Crashes


All these crashes(Freezes)happen in the normal game (Vanilla)


1: for whatever reason the jet-pack crashes the game whether it is spawned with cheat(Rocket Man) or if i want to make car path/route for an actor


1.1: it also crashes when i want to extend an existing route(normal pedestrians routes but the most common is when you select walk in the animation list ) 


2: when i choose the option (let player talk on phone/actor talk on phone) crashes the game/freezes the game more than crashing it with a black screen after it


3: if I want to replay the mission to test it say like 4 to 3 times it has a chance of crashing but not always.


4:If I type the cheat (Buff me up) the game crash




Here is the glitches list

Bugs/glitches list


1: the checkpoint won't disappear if I walk right into it it just stays even if the objective hasn't loaded yet(the player hasn't progressed enough in the mission) no matter is the checkpoint is the first objective or the last objective(Now i know that you have to create a static cut scene then rotate the camera around the checkpoint then cancel it by pressing F ) but this bug happens when choosing the regular checkpoint not the invisible one.


2: the radar disappears when getting out of an interior

Edited by JohnsonHu
i want to explain everything in every detail possible

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Try playing the original GTA story, after a couple missions you should get a phone call from Sweet/Smoke. If it crashes at that moment, the issue is with the game and not with DYOM (probably the phone texture is modded wrongly making it crash on loading).

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it indeed crashs in the normal storyline.

Edited by JohnsonHu

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