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does anyone prefer RDR1 over the second?

7th Ward Charizard

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Just now, GuiCORLEONEx794 said:

In RDR1 you had preset outfits and wasn't able to customize them. So what? Since when thats a bad thing?

Well that depends on the gamer. Some of us like to customize and create more unique outfits, while others prefers preset I guess. Personally while the preset outfits were badass, I kinda found it limiting. 

I guess some people really liked the RDR1 outfits and were bummed that they couldn't recreate them in RDR2 which is valid.

4 hours ago, billiejoearmstrong8 said:

All the detail in RDR2 is extremely impressive but I really like how in RDR1 you're not obligated to do stuff like maintaining your appearance/horses/weapons and support the camp etc and instead you're free to do as you please and just get to the action quickly without being nagged or suffering negative consequences for not doing chores/what other characters want you to do. There's good things about both ways, which is better comes down to what each person prefers. I love intricate detail and great writing a lot but I also love freedom in gameplay a lot so it's a tough pick but I can totally see people who consider freedom a big deal preferring RDR1.

Very true, the part where the player has to support the camp is completely optional. I never did it and had no negative impacts on my gameplay because of it. Though I can see why stuff like having to clean your weapon after use and needing to bond with your horse to get it to peak peformance can be considered boring chores.

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The Tracker
56 minutes ago, GuiCORLEONEx794 said:

In RDR2 you only buy the outfits an all of the outfits are really lame,


Yeah, the outfit sets themselves are pretty ugly, but if you get creative enough, you can get to look pretty badass, imo.













1 hour ago, GuiCORLEONEx794 said:

And what i mean by floating clothes is that coats, bandoliers, off hand holsters, gunbelts and such often feel like they don't fit the character, like if its somehow floating in the character, bandoliers for example look like f*cking HULA HOOPS


The bandoliers sure look like hula hoops, everyone in the RDR community knows that they're ugly as hell :kekw:


However, regarding everything else, I'm afraid you're overthinking, they look fine, imo.

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there are probably a lot of people who enjoyed the first game more. I can see why. I like RDR2 slightly more but if the first game came out in 2018 I would probably pick the first game over the second. even though Arthur is my favorite video game protagonist ever. 

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