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Weird Texture Mod


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I found a weird texture mod for GTA IV on my hard drive and wanted to try it out and install it.

However, it's a bunch of loose files and folders. No disc image files (.img)


For example there is a folder called bronx_e, inside this folder are a bunch of other folders and lots of .OTD and .ODR files that you can find as .wdr and .wtd in GTA IV's bronx_e.img

So the files are ok, just in the wrong format.

I tried using IMGBurn to build an .img archive out of those folders but OpenIV won't open the newly built .img because it's apparently an 'unknown format'.

I guess the folder needs to be converted to .img with special settings/attributes that I don't know about.


Does anyone know what .OTD and .ODR files are? I googled them and found absolutely nothing.

The mod's folders are full with .dds files and .mesh files and they are legit, I opened them and they are pretty good textures, better than anything I have ever seen for GTA IV.


The mod only deals with pc/data/maps/east - so bronx, brook and queens and it is 5.08GB


I can upload it if needed.

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They are probably openFormats versions of the game files. So ODR is the openFormat version of WDR. This is how it works in GTA V anyway, where YDD files are exported as ODD files.


If so, that probably means you need to import them as openFormats. So if you go into the bronx_e.img file and then Right-Click, you should see the option to Import openFormats.


I know almost nothing about the GTA IV file formats though, so proceed with caution.

Edited by Guest
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