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Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos Connection

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

Main Theme




Los Santos, 1985


Crack epidemic is still growing rapidly. 'The City of Saints' has dangerous crime rates that are focusing on cocaine, empire businesses and extortion. The riches of Rockford Hills, Richman, Chumash, and Vinewood Hills brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of luxury mansions in rare condition for famous celebrities and drug cartels. The skyline is still packed (before Maze Bank Tower, IAA Building, Weazel Plaza, and Lombank Tower in Pillbox Hill) and even from afar they manage to display their beauty. Culture is rising in Greater Los Santos and it has attracted a lot of attention. Countless cultures have left their mark not just on the city's development, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of plain, ordinary people has grown into an amalgamation of differences and it's this that unites the 9 million people to this day.




The time is before transit rail systems. Olympic Freeway (I-4) does not appear during this event until construction begins in 1988 and completed in 1992 connected to Popular Street underpass.


City of Los Santos


Pillbox Hill


Vinewood Racetrack

La Puerta

Elysian Island


Little Seoul

Del Perro


La Puerta Stadium

Vespucci Beach


West Vinewood

Mirror Park

Los Santos International Airport

Rockford Hills

Del Perro Beach

Cypress Flats



Mission Row

Chamberlain Hills




GWC & Golovng Society

East Vinewood

Murietta Heights

Textile City

Vespucci Canals


Richards Majestic


La Mesa

Downtown Vinewood

Backlot City


Los Santos County

Pacific Bluffs


El Burro Heights


Lago Zancudo

Vinewood Hills

Tataviam Mountains

Banham Canyon

Tongva Hills

Great Chaparral

San Chianski Mountain Range

Tongva Valley


Blaine County

Sandy Shores

Paleto Bay


Mount Josiah


North Chumash

Raton Canyon

Grand Senora Desert

Braddock Pass

Paleto Forest

Mount Gordo

Alamo Sea

Mount Chiliad

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness


Areas of Interest


Legion Square Location in 2013

A place is a serious eyesore due to spend $1 million for a temporary renovation until 1992.



Consulate Hotel Area in 2013

Opened in 1921. This site is located in Alta where former Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated on June 6, 1968.



Esenwein Hotel Location in 2013

Built in 1952 and demolished in 2011 replaced by Mile High Club 2 years before Grand Theft Auto V event.






Sharon Kantor (1st Protagonist)

Born in 1959. A notorious natural woman who has been fled from Israel during Yom Kippur War at the age of 14 and then to have her better life in the United States. She drives a red 1985 Vapid Flash.


Elvira Toledo (2nd Protagonist)

Born in 1956. A twenty-nine year old who was a political prisoner has a tendency to exaggerate, and brought up in the American Dream. She drives a beige 1982 Burgerfahrzeug Leveche.


Derrick McMillan (3rd Protagonist)

Born in 1954. A former college football player has a winning smile with steady and dependable to be polite and well mannered. He drives a yellow 1977 Annis Philanderer and a black 1985 WMC WinterGreen.


Major Characters


Fred "Butcher Boy" Hardin

A former gang member of the Trailer Park Mafia from Paleto Bay is a mess of emotions. He plays Grandepiso grab 'em and decides to become a fugitive.


Lenny Jacobson

The private investigator who enjoys paparazzi, attending museums and eating out. He is gentle and creative, but can also be very trustworthy.


Daniel Barker

A World War II veteran who enjoys playing golf, watching film noirs and relaxing. He is generous and caring, but can also be very dull and a bit impatient.


Tyrone "TK" Knight

The gang leader of Grove Street Families who enjoys smoking weeds, playing street craps, and starting the war shootout against the Ballas.


Rishu Ashtikar

The nightclub owner who enjoys running, painting and drug dealing. He is bright and reliable, but can also be very sneaky.


Sally Newman

A fitness club trainer who won Karate championship, camping and doing yoga. She is entertaining, but can also be very loyal.


Kevin Townsend

The childhood friend of Derrick who enjoys working on cars, drinking Logger beer and money laundering. He is so reliable.


Hubert White

A Vinewood Racetrack owner has $700,000 income. He enjoys jigsaw puzzles and associating with secret agents.


Arcibaldo "Archie" Paglione

A Sicilian mob kingpin sells hardcore weapons. He is generous and careful, but can also be very boring and a bit moody.


Dale Bradley

The youngest bounty hunter is forced to watch the world around them struggle against Los Santos Vagos gang, asking them for a favor that could result in a lot of merchandise being stolen.


Jimmy Stanton

A Blaine County sheriff commissioner is taking a revenge into action when he discovers an old photograph of Harmony that results in a gun fight.


Rebecca Del Toro (Villain)

A female General from National Liberation Army in Colombia who enjoys public execution, corrupting local refugees. She is evil, fascist, and hostile.





.35 Magnum

Colt Python

9mm Pistol

Silenced Pistol



Pump Action

Sawed Off Lupara

Spring Power M58B

Combat Shotgun


Sniper Rifles

Swiss K31

M41 Scope

Rimfire .22LR


Assault Rifles

Ruger Mini 14 Tactical


M16 Carbine

Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.)


Sub-machine guns


Tec 9




Flare Gun

Tranquilizer Gun

Dart Pistol




Springfield M79





Tear Gas

Molotov Cocktail

Random Pickable Objects

Jerry Can




Baseball Bat



Golf Club

Katana Sword




Swiss Army Knife




Los Santos Customs has not establish until 1987. Only local mod garages.



Pfister Nebula

Lampadati Felon GT

Vapid Dominator

Pegassi Torero

Imponte Insurrection

Grotti Cheetah

Ocelot F620

Weeny Toad

Progen P68 GTB

Invetero Coquette Z29

Karin Sunrise

Bravado Buffalo

Pfister Comet

Ubermacht Zion

Lampadati Arachnid

Grotti Stinger SC

Dewbauchee Flatty

Vapid Bullet

Obey Omnis

Pegassi Veloce

Annis 190ZX

Ocelot Ardent

Imponte Ruiner


Vintage and Muscles

Dundreary Panther

Vapid Hotknife

Schyster Namorra

Invetero Coquette Classic

Declasse Vamos

Classique Stallion

Albany Hermes

Vapid Dominator GTX

Imponte NFI

Albany Broadway

Declasse Vigero

Imponte Phoenix

Bravado Gauntlet

Declasse Sabre Turbo

Vapid Peyote

Imponte Dukes

Cheval Picador



Declasse Mowrey

Albany Virgo

Vapid Fortune

Imponte DePalma

Bravado Manana

Dundreary Remington

Karin Futo

Willard Andec

Ubermacht Sentinel

Dinka Blista Compact

Classique Broadsword

Vapid Uranus

Bordeaux Soriano

Willard Rubicon

Schyster PMP 600

Declasse Cadrona

Benefactor Feltzer

Annis Savestra SR

Vapid Retinue

Burgerfahrzeug Furzen

Albany Barony



Willard Stork

Bravado Oceanic

Annis Pinnacle

Declasse Merit

Karin Asterope

Vapid STD Stanier

Ubermacht Oracle

Schyster Greenwood

Obey Tailgater

Declasse Savanna

Argyle Prospect

Benefactor Schafter

Imponte Angelus

Dundreary Jefferson

Albany Mansfield

Imponte Pangea

Ocelot Revolver

Bravado Getraer

Vapid Marbelle

Albany Tosto

Zirconium Stratum

Dinka Hakumai

Albany Emperor

Vapid Lebowski

Classique Jennings

Albany Washington

Declasse Diva

Willard Willard

Lampadati Felon

Dundreary Admiral

Benefactor Sacco

Enus Rouge


Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

Karin BeeJay

Canis Landstalker

Declasse Walton

Vapid Rumpo

Bravado Bison

Vapid Riata

Canis Mesa

Karin Rebel

Vapid Bobcat

Bravado Youga

Canis Pioneer

Vapid Sandking XL

Brute Pony

Burgerfahrzeug Surfer

Declasse Granger

Burgerfahrzeug Bifta

Burgerfahrzeug Dune Buggy

Burgerfahrzeug Injection

Vapid Minivan

Karin Ensenada

Bravado Duneloader

Vapid Sadler


Commercial and Industrial

HVY Biff

MTL Flatbed

MTL Packer

Vapid Benson

MTL Pounder

JoBuilt Phantom

JoBuilt Hauler

Vapid Yankee

Brute Boxville

MTL Roadtrain


Public and Emergency Services


Now before toggle the Vigilante mission. You must wear uniforms to hide Wanted Level.


Police Cruiser (Bravado)

Police Cruiser (Vapid)

Police Patrol

SAHP Dominator

SAHP Rancher

Police Bike


Taxi (Declasse)


FIB Attache

Sheriff Cruiser (Declasse) 

Sheriff Stanier


Fire Truck


Dundreary Stretch


Tow Truck (Large)

Police Maverick



Police Boxville

Police Predator



Sh*tzu Vader

Sh*tzu NRG 900F

Sh*tzu PCJ-600

Maibatsu Sanchez

Dinka Enduro

WMC Bagger

WMC Daemon

Pegassi Esskey

Principe Faggio

WMC Freeway

WMC Sovereign

Dinka Thrust

Nagasaki Carbon RS

Principe Lectro










Jetmax Turbo





Velum 5-Seater



Cuban 800




Howard NX-25




Radio Stations


Non-Stop-Pop 100.7 FM

Genre: Pop

1. Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra

2. Rick Springfield - Don't Talk to Strangers

3. Olivia Newton-John - Physical

4. Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love

5. Commodores - Nightshift

6. Wang Chung - Look at Me Now

7. INXS - Stay Young

8. Exposé - Point of No Return

9. Spandau Ballet - Highly Strung

10. Genesis - That's All

11. The Power Station - Some Like It Hot

12. Level 42 - A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time)

13. David Bowie - Let's Dance

14. Sheena Easton - Double Standard

15. ABC - Be Near Me

16. Hall & Oates - Cold Dark and Yesterday

17. The Police - Spirits in the Material World

18. Duran Duran - Of Crime and Passion


Vinewood Boulevard Radio

Genre: New Wave

1. Culture Club - It's a Miracle

2. Kraftwerk - The Model

3. Talking Heads - Burning Down the House

4. Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

5. Ultravox - Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

6. Dead or Alive - D.J. Hit That Button

7. Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love

8. Kajagoogoo - Big Apple

9. Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In Summertime

10. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

11. Blondie - Union City Blue

12. The Human League - Life on Your Own

13. New Order - Dreams Never End

14. Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

15. Depeche Mode - People Are People

16. The Style Council - Internationalists

17. Obvious - Walk Faster

18. Bad Manners - Samson and Delilah


Dopealicious FM

Genre: Hip-Hop

1. Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals

2. World Class Wreckin' Cru - Juice

3. Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five - At the Party

4. Run-D.M.C - Sucker M.C.'s

5. Mantronix - Needle to the Groove

6. Spoonie Gee - The Big Beat

7. Whodini - Rap Machine

8. Kurtis Blow - Big Time Hood

9. Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend

10. Too Short - Everytime

11. Fatback Band - King Tim III (Personality Jock)

12. UTFO - Bite It

13. Dark Star - Rock the Boat

14. Fantasy Three - Biters In The City

15. The Unknown D.J. - Let's Jam


K-DST 102.3 FM

Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock

1. Def Leppard - Action! Not Words

2. Alice Cooper - Pain

3. Judas Priest - Breaking the Law

4. ZZ Top - Rough Boy

5. Molly Hatchet - Sweet Dixie

6. Bon Jovi - King of the Mountain

7. Mötley Crüe - Take Me To The Top

8. Europe - Stormwind

9. Girlschool - I Want You Back

10. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

11. Kiss - Secretly Cruel

12. Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire

13. Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

14. AC/DC - Rising Power

15. Dokken - Stick to Your Guns

16. Twisted Sister - I Believe in Rock 'n' Roll

17. Scorpions - Backstage Queen

18. Krokus - I'm on the Run


Rosebud 92.5 FM

Genre: Adult Contemporary

1. George Benson - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

2. Spandau Ballet - True

3. Brenda K. Starr - Love Me Like the First Time

4. Hall & Oates - One on One

5. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky

6. REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling

7. Michael Jackson - Human Nature

8. Steve Winwood - While You See a Chance

9. The Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain

10. Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - Sharing the Night Together

11. Madonna - Angel

12. Simply Red - Holding Back the Years

13. Journey - Faithfully

14. Duran Duran - Save a Prayer

15. Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry

16. Teena Marie - Lovergirl

17. Brothers Johnson - All About the Heaven

18. Robert Palmer - You Are in My System


Bounce FM

Genre: Funk, R&B/Soul

1. Heatwave - Boogie Nights

2. The Whispers - This Kind of Lovin'

3. Rick James - Bustin' Out (On Funk)

4. Evelyn "Champagne" King - Love Come Down

5. Ready for The World - Oh Sheila

6. Cameo - Insane

7. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way

8. Slave - Watching You

9. B.B.&.Q. Band - On The Beat

10. The Time - Jungle Love

11. Pointer Sisters - He's So Shy

12. Imagination - Just an Illusion

13. Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus

14. Junior - Too Late

15. Parliament - Wizard of Finance

16. The Gap Band - Early in the Morning

17. Midnight Star - Operator

18. DeBarge - I Like It


The Lowdown 91.1 FM

Genre: Classic Soul, R&B, Disco

1. The Chi-Lites - Oh Girl

2. The Temptations - Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)

3. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You Got

4. Malo - Suavecito

5. Tavares - More Than a Woman

6. Lipps Inc. - Designer Music

7. Silver Convention - Get Up and Boogie

8. Bloodstone - Natural High

9. GQ - I Do Love You

10. King Errisson - Sleep Talk

11. Marvin Gaye - Got to Give It Up

12. The Spinners - I'll Be Around

13. Chuck Brown - Bustin' Loose

14. The Miracles - Free Press

15. Frankie Valli - Grease

16. Black Heat - Love the Life You Live

17. Kool & the Gang - Joanna

18. Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby


Radio X 99.1 FM

Genre: Alternative

1. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough

2. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

3. The Creatures - Dancing on Glass

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley

5. The Three O'Clock - Each and Every Lonely Heart

6. Midnight Oil - Basement Flat

7. Hüsker Dü - Powerline

8. The Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang

9. Sonic Youth - The Burning Spear

10. R.E.M. - Harborcoat

11. The Mekons - Trouble Down South

12. The Psychedelic Furs - President Gas

13. The Cure - Descent

14. Eurythmics - I Did It Just The Same

15. The Dream Syndicate - Still Holding on to You


K-JAH West

Genre: Reggae

1. Burning Spear - Social Living

2. Peter Tosh - Reggaemylitis

3. The Upsetters - Iron Claw

4. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up

5. Jimmy Cliff - Hitting with Music

6. Manu Dibango - Reggae Makossa

7. Horace Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell

8. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Independent Intavenshan

9. Barrington Levy - Cool and Loving

10. Desmond Dekker - Rudy Got Soul

11. Gregory Isaacs - Promise Is a Comfort

12. UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby


Rebel Radio 101.9 FM

Genre: Country

1. Hank Williams - Jambalaya (On the Bayou)

2. Johnny Cash - Nine Pound Hammer

3. Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man

4. Kenny Rogers - The Heart of the Matter

5. George Jones - If I Painted a Picture

6. Dolly Parton - Early Morning Breeze

7. Chet Atkins - Jitterbug Waltz

8. The Oak Ridge Boys - Another Dream Just Came True

9. Ray Price - I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)

10. Barbara Mandrell - Love Is Thin Ice

11. Willie Nelson - One Day at a Time

12. Eddie Rabbitt - Bedroom Eyes

13. Merle Haggard and The Strangers - The Bottle Let Me Down

14. Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy

15. Alabama - Country Side of Life


Space 103.2 FM

Genre: Dance, Disco

1. Lime - Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight

2. Dennis Edwards - Don´t Look Any Further

3. Boney M - Daddy Cool

4. Ashford & Simpson - Found a Cure

5. Kadenza - Let's Do It

6. Bobby Nunn - Private Party

7. Donna Summer - I Feel Love

8. The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right)

9. Chicago - Street Player

10. Ian Dury - Funky Disco (Pops)

11. Odyssey - Going Back to My Roots

12. Hot Chocolate - You'll Never Be So Wrong

13. Starpoint - Object of My Desire

14. Zapp - Cas-Ta-Spellome

15. Evelyn "Champagne" King - No Time for Fooling Around


Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR)

Genre: Techno, House, Dance/Electronic, High Energy

1. Trans-X - Living on Video

2. Stop - Wake Up

3. Modern Rocketry - Ten Seconds to Midnight

4. Arpeggio - Love & Desire

5. Lisa - Rocket to Your Heart

6. French Kiss - Panic

7. Tapps - Burning With Fire

8. Kano - I'm Ready

9. John Carpenter - The Duke Arrives/Barricade

10. Maggie - Beat Of The Night

11. The Flirts - Danger


Blaine County Independent (BCI) 96.5 FM

Genre: Public Talk Radio


West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR) 95.6 FM

Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming













































































































Edited by TerminatorX92

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OG Freddy LOC

Is there no RED COUNTY boys?

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tbh I think you should change the K car from being a Julie to a Manana because the Manana in the III era games were K cars



also for future reference you really shouldn't open a concept thread when all you have are just some lists

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, universetwisters said:

tbh I think you should change the K car from being a Julie to a Manana because the Manana in the III era games were K cars



also for future reference you really shouldn't open a concept thread when all you have are just some lists

Thanks for the correction. And be respectful.

Edited by TerminatorX92

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Big Fat Paulie

I'm digging this concept a lot! Keep up the good work!

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