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[MP] Yakuza

Black Fox

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2001, The Yakuza influence from Japan has spread towards the US. They intended to expand their business venture, especially arms dealing business. One of the Yakuza gang, the Takeshi Family, had stepped foot on San Andreas. They are involved in all kind of business such as protection business, drugs, arms dealing, street fighting clubs and others. However, their businesses and influence were gone during this year, for an unknown reason...





Takeda Hayabushi, an orphan who lost his parents when he was a baby, seeks revenge towards the Takeshi Family, who had killed his parents and betrayed him twice.





  • Takeda Hayabushi - An orphan who seeks revenge towards the Takeshi family. He is rather ambitious and smart in going through his life. He joined the Takeshi Family when he was just 19 years old without knowing the truth behind his parent's death,
  • Otomo Takeshi - The founder and the head of Takeshi family. He runs the gang for 10 years and became one of the most successful and powerful Yakuza in Japan. He is ambitious and wishes to expand his business to the foreign soils.
  • Fukio Kurosawa - Takeda's childhood friend. They grew up in the same orphanage. He is always by Takeda's side no matter what happens. He joins the Yakuza as well with Takeda.
  • Frank Hilton - An American businessman. He have great relationship with Takeshi to guarantee his company's safety.
  • Keiji Mogusa - Takeshi's right-hand man. His actions speak louder than his words. When there is a problem, he always come with a violent solution.
  • Takeo Meiji - Takeshi's advisor. He is more of intelligent man. Technically, he runs the Takeshi Family by managing the clan's needs. When comes to decision, he always make the wise and correct one.





NOTE: I will keep updating this topic.


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Missions are still under development, I will send the link right after it's done.


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Right, then. I would like to help development if you are working on your own, that if you wish. I see too many projects with errors and bugs nowadays, so i offer myself as a tester.

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The missions are ready! Here are the list of the missions (Including the ZIP file):



The ZIP File - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60710


A total of eight mission in this MP. I hope you enjoyed playing this, I put a lot of effort in it. Please leave a feedback after playing, thanks!

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On 5/22/2019 at 11:26 PM, Black Fox said:

Frank Hilton - An American businessman. He have great relationship with Takeshi to guarantee his company's safety.

Note: I forgot to mention this guy so... sorry about that.

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I played it and really liked some stuff about it!

I got a bit lost in the plot but isn't bad by any means, i just confuse japanese names a hell lot. I thought this was going to be more about martial arts instead of shooting people, but i was mistaken, though i liked it. There are aesthetic bugs and you see a lot of actor duplicates too, but nothing game-breaking (like some other MPs that i won't name.)


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Thanks for your feedback. Well, about the actors, yeah they are a pain in the ass to manage. About the martial art thing, it's actually combines both martial art and shooting elements. Sorry about those bugs though, I'll try to fix them. Overall, I will try to improve my work in the future. Thanks again.

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