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Was really excited for the update

The Occasional  Outlaw

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The Occasional  Outlaw

When i saw all the bug fixes and new content i was amped. Played for couple of days and really enjoyed it. Now all of the sudden im back to square one with not being able to start stranger missions and not having the option of any of the new story missions which was available earlier this week. Am i the only one experiencing this or are we really back to this crap? 

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The Occasional  Outlaw
4 minutes ago, Rev. Gnash said:

Yes. Update was rushed.

What a pity. Back to storage i guess

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Leftover Pizza
13 minutes ago, Rev. Gnash said:

Yes. Update was rushed.

Probably under a lot of stress of the shareholders who'd like a return on their investments. I'm pretty sure they are aware of all the negative feedback on the various social media channels and urged R* to get their act together and start listening to the ever dwindling player base. This is R*, you know, and seeing them grant so many player wishlists, it's uncanny and therefor some higher power must have forced them to.  

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U have to play the last mission on your list so the new one will appear on map, you have to pass them first before the appear on job list/map one by one. Not sure about the stranger missions I did some but idk Wich ones.

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There's no need for this to be a thread of it's own, there's other threads perfectly fine for this discussion:



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