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GTA V RP Community Devils Brigade Recruiting


Recommended Posts

  • Server Name - Devil's Brigade RP

  • IP Address -

  • Discord - https://discord.gg/3JJbMWC

  • Type - Hardcore Roleplay

  • Description - We are a thriving, hardcore roleplay server founded in March '19. Our code is highly customized, with no other server doing all the things that we are currently offering.

5 Reasons to jump in today

  1. Get in on the groud floor. We're new; but our server and code is quite good. Many of us come from NoPixel and ADRP, so our standard for what cuts it and what doesn't is extremely high. We built this out of an already established gaming community with 1000+ members, so we have a strong core already, but we want more. So get in on the ground floor with us.

  2. Strong, staffed LEO departments. Tired of hobbled-together, power-hungry LEOs? We have mature and staffed Police, Sheriff's, and Highway Patrol departments. But we're not all the way staffed out, and high level positions are available.

  3. Deep gameplay for the dark side. Come build your drug empire (or laundering empire, or blackmarket empire, or off-market weapons empire, TLDR: lots of empires) here. Want to get in? Don't bother pulling out your map; it's not there. Find out on the street.

  4. Lots of Jobs (+white-listed ones, too!). We have tons of awesome white-listed jobs like lawyers (!!!), Taxi, Car Dealer, Mechanic, EMS, all currently recruiting. All have quirks and some strengths that we can't disclose OOC. Standard jobs are available too (you probably know the drill on those).

  5. Stories and events! We have frequent events tied to awesome story lines that everyone can participate in. Our last event was simple -- a leaked document that was released on our discord. It was a phone transcript of a conversation leaking details of an armored truck that had to make runs to disperse some misplaced funds for a bank. The truck was highly guarded, but the reward for stealing the funds on the truck (whether hijacking the truck, or stealing the funds from it) was massive.

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.





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