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GTA Online Suggestions - Updated


Recommended Posts


Things I personally would like to see added into GTA (Most if not all will not rely on reality or physics, due to Rockstar not caring about those)

1. Anti-Air Missile Trucks with actual vertical aiming, regardless if the missile pods are remote controlled or player controlled
2. Anti-Air Missile Trucks with no movement restrictions, meaning you could drive and fire missiles off, or you could be on a hill and you wouldn't have to reposition to shoot.
3. Oppressor Mk. 2 nerfs (Missile capacity, speed, missile tracking, countermeasure removal)
4. Countermeasures added to each and every aircraft in the entire game, even delivery aircraft, exclusive delivery aircraft. (Skylift, etc)
5. Ability to modify each and every aircraft in the game (Adding armour and every other mod to the Hydra, Lazer, Savage, etc, etc)
6. Engine and Turbo vehicle mods actually improving top speed, not just acceleration
7. Ability to choose from different weaponry in specific vehicles (Like with the Vigilante, being able to use handheld weaponry)
8. Ability to DISABLE the cops permanently
9. Adding Flare Weapons (Like Flare Shotguns, clip fed Flare Pistols, high power and speed Flare Snipers)
10. Adding Flare Weapons to personally owned Vehicles
11. Ability to sell / modify Pegasus vehicles
12. Ability to use the Up-N-Atomizer in vehicles
13. Ability to select which missiles you can outfit your vehicle with, in a mod shop (Public or personal) [Adding Deluxo Missiles to the Hydra]
14. Changing certain weapons on all vehicles, like adding Barrage missile pods to the Sasquatch Monster Truck instead of the awful Kenetic Grenade Launchers
15. Adding Jet Engines to the tops or rear of vehicles and selecting the boost duration and recharge rate for how you want it
16. Changing the amount of damage your vehicle can survive during combat (E.I. Mk2 Missile spam against an Insurgent)
17. Ability to significantly upgrade the weight of which a Cargobob can lift (It can lift a 60 Ton Tank, but can't lift an Insurgent??)
18. Ability to weaponize ALL vehicles in the entire game, and fully mod them [Weaponized Cargobob / Titan]
19. Ability to change the colours of tail lights / reverse lights / tire colour (rubber) on every vehicle
20. Ability to lower suspension to a ridiculous degree, and also raising suspension
21. Ability to decrease or increase the size of the wheels on your vehicle
22. Ability to increase the payout of user-made jobs (current max payout for user-made races is $11,210, with a change it could be $200,000 or higher)
23. Flare Missiles for both player weapons and vehicles
24. Ability to create user-made heists with user-made vehicles
25. Map editor (Not just props like the creator, but being able to physically edit the landscape of the map of San Andreas to how you wish)
26. Environment no longer stop vehicles if that vehicle is heavy enough
27. Destructible Environment
28. Massive speed overhaul of every single vehicle in the game
29. Advanced futuristic vehicles (Helicopters without rotors, but rather, hover engines)
30. Supersonic Jets
31. Ability to transport EVERY vehicle in the entire game via aircraft, like the Maverick Helicopter being able to carry a Stromberg
32. Lazer weapon variations for every vehicle / weapon in the game
33. Hypersonic missiles
34. Ability to change the scale of your CEO / MC to allow or restrict player numbers.... (2 player MC / CEO or 10 player MC / CEO)
35. Drastic weapon range increase
36. Chernobog's max missile range from 1000m to 10,000m
37. Chernobog's missile tracking increase
38. Chernobog's missile damage increase
39. Chernobog's missile speed massive increase
40. Chernobog's armour from 1 explosive to 100
41. Wire guided missiles
42. Never-ending missile targeting (it doesn't explode on impact with a structure, but goes through it on the way to the target)
43. Interior improvements (Realistic dial movement, scale increase, quality increase)
44. Up-N-Atomizer damage / range increase
45. Ballistic Equipment buffs (Weapon variety, speed, health, resistance)
46. Ability to personally edit the payout of missions and for CEO Associates
47. Removal of Orbital Cannon
48. Removal of indestructible fences / walls / trees / vegetation / poles
49. Ability to use RPGs on Motorcycles
50. More female hair styles
51. Terrorbyte missile overhaul
52. All vehicle homing missile range increase
53. Futuristic aircraft
54. REMOVAL of all contacts from your phone (Besides Lester, Lamar, Merryweather, M.M.I. and the others that have functionality)
55. REMOVAL of all contacts inviting you to jobs
56. Additional setting for disabling job invites from contacts / players
57. REMOVAL of Simeon's car requests
58. Plastic Surgery DLC
59. REMOVAL of raids (MC Businesses, bunkers, CEO crates)
60. Up-N-Atomizer weapon varieties (Like my Flare suggestions earlier in this list, same thing but with the Up-N-Atomizer ammo)
61. Tank tread upgrade options for all vehicles (Like an Insurgent but instead of wheels, it has 4 individual sets of 3 Tank rollers and treads, or 2 sets of 8 rollers and 1 tread each)
62. Grand Theft Auto: Apocalypse (Working Title)
This is a new mode, which would show another side of the Grand Theft Auto Universe. This has been experimented with, on GTA PC servers, also known as mods. These capabilities are not currently available in the Console versions of the game. This version of the game would be a complete overhaul of the world, with grass and trees being over grown, buildings in shambles, cars being scattered, a world full of the undead. This mode would have factions or groups, similar to that of Motorcycle gangs or CEO's. In this mode, factions would come together to create teams to fight off the hordes, and other factions. Weapons would be found throughout the world, but can also be purchased from merchants for resources and other things, as money would hold no value. There would be no police, but the place holder as a consequence for killing another player online is that making too much noise would attract the horde. The premise of this game would be to add a new and refreshing mode to GTA. Although GTA has been an extremely fun experience, it has been out for 6 years coming this september. To renew the player base, and bring more players into the GTA community. GTA needs a refresher and this would be a great way to do so.
This list was originally created by zombie2113 and if you want to message me, my PSN is zombie__213 {Apocalypse idea was thought of by torin4031 - PSN}

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Again, lol. 


Use the wishlist or my thread, sorry I can't link it but it's all about feedback ideas. (You can find it in my log I think - Not very good at the technical's on moblie)


I'll bump it...

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Didn't you already made a similar thread that got locked? 

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Just now, zombie_213 said:

I want everything I listed and more

The mods might want you to stop making new threads and list this stuff in the wishlist threads, and more.

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2 minutes ago, zombie_213 said:

Yes, I don't know why it did

It was for a reason, the same reason this will be locked.. 


There are already existing threads you can use 

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As you can clearly see, my profile is brand f*cking new and as such, I am unfamiliar with how this site works.... I didn't know why my first post was locked, but I just posted it again because I don't know how this works

The reason I posted it in a "GTA Online" topic, is because I was unaware of the other topics, and because I felt it would get more attention not being in a specific topic

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1 minute ago, zombie_213 said:

As you can clearly see, my profile is brand f*cking new and as such, I am unfamiliar with how this site works.... I didn't know why my first post was locked, but I just posted it again because I don't know how this works

The reason I posted it in a "GTA Online" topic, is because I was unaware of the other topics, and because I felt it would get more attention not being in a specific topic


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1 minute ago, zombie_213 said:

I'm confused

Lol, just pulling your leg. Copy and paste your list into the Gameplay Ideas Wishlist thread.

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1 minute ago, zombie_213 said:

Link me?


It’s at the top of the page for the Online section of the forums fella.

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To save time - this and this.

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Mostly everything has been covered from this topic, but you can go here for anything related to freemode rebalancing or weapon/vehicle buffs or nerfing...

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Use the wishlist topics that the members here have linked. For future reference, if your topic is locked, don't recreate it.


Just takes a few seconds to open your eyeballs and take a look around. Wishlist topics are pinned at the top of the forum.



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