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Missing Dialogue, Please Help If Possible

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Okay So I've tried posting this on reddit but got no answers whatsoever, I heard the RDR2 reddit community wasn't the best but I tried. So I'm asking here. I have mentioned this issue in the Missing Hair thread before and probably a few others and some have said something similar to my issues but this hasn't something I've seen as widespread like the hair issues or the downgrade issues and so on. The main question I have really is does anyone else have these exact same issues and do you think deleting reserved space or even deleting and reinstalling the game is a good idea?


Okay so I've done 3 full playthroughs and multiple restarts. So the issue is when Arthur responds to certain conversations.


My first playthrough I didn't have this issue but my 2nd and 3rd and every restart I've done this has been an issue. Here are some examples below.


Chapter 1

Arthur asks John if he's still here, he should scratch himself to get a few days rest. Mary Beth replies saying whatever the beef between them is, now isn't the time.


When you Greet both John and Mary Beth back, Arthur is supposed to have lines saying sorry to John and Mary Beth, saying he was only playing.


Dutch asks Hosea to send someone to bury Sadie's husband. Arthur is supposed to have a line when greeting Hosea thanking him for doing that.


Chapter 2

Sean's Party has several lines where Arthur's Greets are not as they should be. Like when talking to Sean about his return, asking Kieren if she wants a drink while he's tied to the tree and tells him to get it himself.


Chapter 4 (SPOILERS)

Jack's Party Arthur is meant to have lines for everyone in camp regarding the party and Jack's safe return but those lines are all gone now.



After the mission Horseman Apocalypse Arthur is meant to have lines for every camp member regarding Kieren's death, everyone is upset and has a sad tone to their voice but Arthur is doing his usual lines like "How ya getting on" or "You drinking again" or "I better get on"


Chapter 6

There are several missing Greeting lines here as well.


I'm probably missing others but I feel my issue has been made clear. I previously thought this was an issue everyone has had but speaking to my friend who recently started a new playthrough said he hasn't had these issues I have had. I hoped the update today would fix it for me but no dice.


Any recommendations on what I should do? Could clearing my reserved data help that situation. I'm on Xbox One by the way. Does anyone else have this issue? t's honestly starting to feel like just me, I've not seen anyone mention this issue on the internet at all. As an OCD gamer this really bothers me. I thank you in advance any help you could provide.

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I haven't read though all of this but isn't it possible that due to low honor you can't greet at certain instances? 

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After several hours of testing things out, turns out it was one of my saves from one of my previous playthroughs making dialogue bugged for all future playthroughs.

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