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GTA5 - XBOX ONE - Mafia RP

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The Galileo Crime Familia is now recruiting! Here are our  Values: Our three principals are Respect, Initiative & teamwork.. but lets really take a look at them: Respect. This is only partly referring to the notion of Respect shown upwards to the Leader. It represents the mutual Respect that everyone in a Family must have for each other, themselves and the concept of the Family as a whole. Every member receives a minimum level of respect, we do not haze or demean a new member instead we look him square in the eyes and see what he is made of on the streets. Initiative. This is an important notion within the Family. Initiative refers to Members using their own motivation and research to find answers to their own questions as well as create stories and content within the RP Rules of the Family. To try and recruit good prospects without being asked and to actively try to lead a full Role Play experience IN-Game where others lack the confidence to commit to it. Teamwork. This means bringing in others to your RP. Creating and accepting jobs from others and finding ways for you and other members to work together on semi complex jobs and tasks. The more interaction you create with others the better you will do here. Loyalty. This is the most important one of all and can be sometimes misunderstood. Loyalty is not just from lower ranked members to higher ranked. It is members being loyal to the soul of the Family. It is higher ranked members being loyal to the lower ranked members and visa versa. Anyone who is genuinely loyal to the Family, despite their faults will always be defended and fought for within the Family. People can be taught how to do complex things however it takes a special person with natural qualities to create loyalty. There will be ups and downs in your experience in the Family, its how you handle the downs that will define your progress. Our rules and regulations are simple... Rules: So you want to join la cosa nostra, this thing of ours? Well, I will tell you it ain’t goin’ to be easy by no means! You will have to put in the long hours, late nights and possibly have to kill a few people. Do what you’re ‘spose to do and you can go far. Don’t do what you’re supposed to do and you may wind up with some heavy shoes. There are a few rules that you should know first before you join the Family…

Always obey orders that are handed down. Always be respectful and honest It would be wise to help out allies and friends when needed Never go against the Family Always be true to moral values Appointments must be respected (unless real life obligations arise) Women are to be treated with respect When asked a question by a higher-up, the answer must be the truth Be professional Don’t be seen talking to the police! If you'd like to join message Don J Galileo, or join our discord! https://discord.gg/q4FTX7q

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