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Hey everyone,


Hope you're all well.  New to this forum and absolutely loving some of the collections I'm seeing on here.  I've just started my GTA/Rockstar collection and want to expand it even further.  Been looking on ebay daily for some offers on different stuff but I'm sure there's stuff here that I can't find anywhere else.  So yeah... if you've got some stuff that you're looking to sell then I'm all ears (or eyes).  I'm based in the UK but I'm happy to discuss stuff from all around the world.


So whatever you've got just let me know.  I've got budget so doesn't matter how big or large just hit me up 🙂





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Hey Stuart, welcome to the forums!


It's always a pleasure to meet another fellow collector. Most of us here usually don't sell our related merch, just like yourself, we are collecting it. Be sure to visit our general chat from time to time, who knows, maybe you caught wind of something interesting there, trade or selling wise. 





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  • 1 month later...

Soon I will have for sale the GTA Vice City OST - Greatest Hits, I might say it became rare in the last years. Let me know if you're interested before I announce it on eBay. :) 

Edited by RIDE2DAY
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  • 2 months later...

I have for sale an unopened crate of 24 bottles of Pisswasser pilsner for sale. Made for Rockstar games staff on the release of GTA IV, if that is something you're interested in.

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