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GrownFolks OC Recruiting Now for New Posse Memebers

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GrownFolks Online Community is an online community for PS4 players of numerous games. It has always been about helping people find other like minded players to play the games they love with . They currently have a small but growing base of players for Red Dead Online. Do you like to play honorably or do you prefer a more rough and criminal type dishonorable playstyle in Red Dead Online? Well there are posses for both playstyles at GrownFolks to fit your style your prefer to play as .


The group uses a discord chat to communicate and find fellow members to quickly join up with in free roam outings , showdown series teammates, some new events coming soon like poker nights as well as the group looking for other events and ideas they can do going forward . No one there is super hard core about things , but people who just enjoy the wild wild west and all its flavors it offers. If your just looking for some fellow cowboys n cowgals to join in the open range or in a shootout , be sure to apply today  Application Here. Be sure to select GrownFolks Red Dead Gang for the " league you are interested in joining". You will get a link to join the discord chat where you can met up with fellow players to enjoy the expanding wild west ! 



Edited by P.T.
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This group is still taking players who are mature adults who want a group of people to play the game with instead of always roaming around solo. Tonight we are hosting our first GrownFolks Poker Night at 9 pm eastern.We look forward to other events we can hold going forward as Rockstar continues to improve online . This is just the start of things for this group. Come join us for some laid back fun and action with likeminded players . Everyone here uses their mics in game to communicate with . 

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