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[Maps] Modsroom Release


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Ganghouse V1 - Gta San Andreas:



This mod replaces a place in Idlewood in front of the gas shop, which can be used for bands with groovesstreet, ballas, vagos, etc.
The map only had a few objects, besides that, I added a garage in which you can store 2 cars (it has space for 4, but you have to force or cheat the garage to add 2 more)

This model had already created it before, but I never added it to gta sa, because it was a "private" model, but I decided to add it to the gta map.


IMPORTANT: The garage only works when you create a new game.




Please make a backup before installing this MOD.
Some files of the game are going to be replaced, since the only way to use
the garages, is creating a new game, then, the only option I found, is to use
script.img and main.scm file which is 100% complete, in this way you can play freely in the game.

• Changes:
.- The garage of CJ was modified, the door now opens up
.- The Ganghouse now only has one position to store cars, since having two parking spaces, caused an error.
.- A fix was made in a pair of textures.
.- A configuration was made in the lighting of the house.




Apartament Rodeo V1:



This mod convert a place in Rodeo, in a apartment with two floors and a little decoration.


.- Download:

Download files.




.- Cargo ship - ViceCity:


This mod add a cargo ship of VC, in OceanDocks.






.- Ticketbooth - ViceCity:


This mod replace the model of tickets in the parking in LS.







Edited by ZaikerHind
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good looking house , but it's weird that you have to exit your vehicle first to open that garage :/ .

lighting improve so much , good job !


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20 hours ago, 6Four9 said:

good looking house , but it's weird that you have to exit your vehicle first to open that garage :/ .

lighting improve so much , good job !


Ty for your comment. 😊
With respect to getting out of the vehicle, this happens because I had already

stored two vehicles before in my garage, and as we know, gta only admits 2

vehicles per garage(in some cases), so I had to force entry. 😂

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  • 2 weeks later...

I like the ship and ticket booth, adds a bit of style to the empty areas 


Good work :)

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