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Ego Chaser presents the TCL Grotti Brioso Ego Challenge.

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G.Brioso Ego Challenge (PS4)


Ego Chaser presents the TCL Grotti Brioso Ego Challenge. 32 landraces filled with lots of surprises. See these two playlists especially for training purposes.Dedicated to the Grotti Brioso R/A. Now you can prove yourself, the Grotti Brioso's got a big personality. How big is your Ego Chaser? 


"You favor light, compact versatile car design. You believe a hot hatch can be just as macho as a lumbering supercar. You describe yourself has having a "big personality". You know who you are. Just buy the damn car and get it over with." 




Make: Grotti
Name: Brioso R/A
Class: Compacts
Price: $155,000
Seats: 2
Part of: Cunning Stunts

Southern San Andreas

Super Autos


GTA Compacts

photo credit: gtav



Brioso R/A | GTA Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia


Fiats tuning branch has done what it does best: making small fun cars even more enjoyable.


The Abarth 595 Competizione was last upgraded in 2011, driving the 1.4 Tjet block to 160 hp and 230 Nm. A lot more can be learned from that, Abarth thought, and the model stopped another 20 hp by fitting a larger Garrett turbo. That means that Fiat's small town thing suddenly has 180 horsepower at a torque of 250 Nm, which is available from 2500 rpm. We don't have to tell you that something like this gets out of place faster than Ton Elias who watches a buffet. With this horsepower injection the sprint lasts from zero to one hundred 6.7 seconds, and the top speed is 225 km / h. (Source)

Whats the big price?






We race at 12:00 CET in the weekend. We then do a so-called Ego Chase. A Playlist of 4 races. Duration +/- 3 hours. On Saturday we will do 4 land races. On Sunday we will do 4 crew GTA races. GTA mode everything is allowed, help your crew or agree which of your crew makes the best chances and take out the opponents. Anything is allowed but Stars ON, so the police will come after you if you make victims. We race 4 laps every race. We do 4 races every time we do an Ego Chase. The Finals are unique and will consist of races 31 and 32 and we do 6 laps of each race. Traffic is then ON and Stars ON. We always play the last two races in GTA mode. (no road barriers so traffic from the right takes precedence, ...) You can decide how you play entirely. So you can register yourself as a crew with two people. Or only if you want to. You can also participate as a crew of four. In principle, we then run the GTA races on Sunday in teams of two. You can indicate yourself in the lobby whether you want to be a driver or co-driver and with whom you want to be in your team. If you play alone then you do not know who you will join in a team as a duo. If you step out of the car as a co-driver, you are immediately the driver of your own car.



More info @ https://egochallenge.nl




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