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Open IV questions

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Ok I have a few questions, I want to import a car model into 3dsMax 2016 using GIMs evo, but can't seem to find the files needed..



I found but I can't seem to find




I extracted the materials.dat file, I didn't change anything while in openIV however I went to look at my folder that GTA V is in (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games) & where it say date modified it has todays date even though I didn't change or delete anything, I looked in the folder & none of the files have todays date as being modified, though I was told to update openIV, in short am I likely to get banned when I go online?



Thanks in advance.




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Gims doesn't support cars, you need ZModeler3 for that.


Materialfx.dat is definitely in common.rpf\data\effects, below liquidfx.dat and above ptxclipregions.dat in the file list.


If any files are modified in the main game folder, unless you are using the launcher bypass, they will be detected and re-downloaded by the launcher. The launcher performs a file check when you run it. The launcher doesn't check any files in the mods folder. So as long as your mods folder is not active when you go online (i.e. no dinput8.dll file), then you're probably going to be fine.


I have no idea how ENB or Reshade affects things, if you have either of those installed.

Edited by Guest

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Ok again thanks for the info, I don't have any ENB & Reshade mods installed.. so I should be all good :)



I was interested in zmodeler back when it was on version 2, the only thing that puts me off a little is the monthly subscription thing... would have been better to just pay once, but I will probably get it later, I currently have a free trial which I have paused until I get my head round the layout ;)



Thanks again.




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