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What are your most favorite girls in Bully?

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My Opnion


Angie Ng = I don't like her at first but love her for her friendly and she said likes Jimmy and look sweety when take camera on her face

Beatrice Trudeau = I really love her!! I will be married her if she have real life, she don't ever kick the nuts when she don't feel likes Jimmy

Christy Martin = You will be love her but she isn't my type and I don't have any interesting to her

Eunice Pound = Don't talking this ..

Lola, Mandy, Pinky = Hot damn but I don't talk anything very much for avoid kicks to Jimmy's nuts

Zoe = Also hot, but she too slutty for her age, she are precocious 


What are your most favorite girls?

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The Mysterious One

I had a soft spot for Beatrice when I played the hell out of this game back in the day. She had a level of cuteness that came from her nerdiness. 


As for the other ones, I can see that the creators made the other girls attractive, especially Pinky and Mandy. Lola was attractive, too, but like all of the other greasers, she had a style that was stuck in the 50s (Though I doubt girls in the 50s showed skin like she did).


I didn't mind Angie and Christy. Though after a while, Angie became almost my go-to kissing-girl if I needed to get my health up fully. Christy was the same way, but I think I kissed Angie more times than every other kissable girl.

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I actually like them all EXCEPT Zoe. I don't know, I was never really fond of the Townies to begin with so that would probably explain why I did not like her. All the others are fine though, distinctive personalities, I liked Lola the best because I hung around with the greasers the most.

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Sally Palm and her five sisters

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