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I realy need an answer for this mod (GTA SA MOD)

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I know, I already posted the same topic before, But i realy need these type of mod.
Okay, so is there any mod that allows to attach objects to players, vehicles and NPCs like on San Andreas Multiplayer.
I only need an answer, does a mod like this really exist for single player? because after I searched the internet, most of what I got was filterscript for SA-MP and not a single player mod.
if the answer is yes, please give a link to download it!

here are some images that show attaching object features in SA-MP



fbd1361218071034.jpg cc07eb1218071044.jpg 7bdb911218071054.jpg 



I'm so sorry for being so mad and i'm sorry for spamming this dammn same topic, also i will never post same topic like this again, this is my last post about this topic, thank you☺️



Note: if there is no mod like this, I will learn to make the mod by myself 


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17 hours ago, ZAZ said:

Okay thank you ZAZ, about attaching objects to a vehicle, I have got the Tuning Mod by Junior_Djjr.

BTW i love all of your CLEO mods;)

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wait how do i use it ? ,any hotkey or location to use it?


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21 hours ago, ZAZ said:

wait ZAZ , this mod are only attaching weapon on CJ's inventory to the back, is there another mod that allows me to use all in-game object models, for example attaching a ramp to the player's body or attaching a barrel to the player's head

like this

b6ef461218877684.jpg 6790f71218877784.jpg 


okay, so if anybody here have mod like this please relpy to this topic 

BTW I appreciate your effort ZAZ thank you for helping me:colgate:

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