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GTA Vice City Steam Patch

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tired of that rusty steam version of vice city

i have the solution for you...

i'll talk about the patch of that version

you'll need to download some mods to make it look better

first i wanna say a big thank you to Shady Orb 09 and the modding community

without them that post wouldn't have been existed

now let's begin


the widescreen fix


first download the "GTAVC.WidescreenFix.zip"

2-open the zip

3-extract all the files

4-copy or cut the files you just extracted

5-paste them in the game's folder

about the widescreen fix

fixed aspect ratio

fixed HUD

and fixed field of view

second:the downgrade of that version

doing that will give you the ability to mod the game and install cleo


1-download the zip file

2-extract it

3-open your steam vice city

4-cut or copy the 2 applications of opening the game

5-make a backup folder (optional)

6-paste the applications in the backup folder

-btw you can delete the 2 original apps or put them in the backup folder _it's your choice_-

(and make sure to read the Readme text)

7-copy or cut the excuteable you just downloaded

8-paste it in the steam vice city folder

and congrats

third:cleo install

about cleo

Cleo is a modification that allows you to install mods in it


1-download vice city's cleo

2-extract the zip

3-cut or copy the cleo files

4-open the vice city steam folder

5-paste the cleo files you extracted in the folder

and congratulations ,you installed cleo successfully

fourth:the 60 fps unlocker

this mod will give you 60 fps when you play the game instead of 30 fps


1-download the fps adjuster

2-extract the zip file

3-take the cs file to cleo

4-replace the 60 to 99

these numbers are the numbers of fps you want

if you have a 60 hz monitor use 61

if you have a 144 hz use 99

and voila you reached 60-99 fps successfully

project 2dfx

about project 2dfx

project 2dfx enchances lod distance and object viewing distances and

fixing the infamous ghost tower and much more fixes


1-download the zip file

2-extract it

3-cut or copy all the files -except the readme file-

4-paste them in the game's folder and voila

project 2dfx is triggered

other fixes can be seen in this video

and all of the other fixes' links are in the desc of that video

hope i helped

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