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Copying entire GTA V Folder for modding?

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If I copied my entire GTA V folder & used that for modding would it work? & would it somehow interfere with my "clean" version?

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You have to be aware of a few things if you intend to do this, the most important one, is that the registry can only point to one game location at a time.


To solve this, you have to either:

a) Rename the game folders to make the version you want to use match the registry path

b) Change the registry path to point to the alternate folder.


Method b) is probably the least restrictive way, as it lets you have your different game versions installed on different drives. If you rename the folders, then they have to be on the same drive, inside the same Rockstar Games folder. There's some good info on method b) here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/23898/cant-get-mod-menu-to-work/8


Just be sure to follow the advice about handling registry keys and making backups, as modifying the registry always comes with a risk of corruption.


There is also the simple way of renaming the dinput8.dll file if you want to use a clean version of the game, as that will also stop all mods from being loaded. I can't vouch for how reliable that method is though, as I have never tried it.


Some people might tell you to just rename the dinput8.dll file but I personally like using multiple copies as it allows me to have a clean backup version that never gets touched. I also use the launcher bypass as well though, so I can modify the x64*.rpf files in the main directory to save copying them all to the mods folder. You just have to pick the way you feel happiest with.

Edited by Guest

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Ok thanks again, I'll explore the different options.

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