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PLANE: Mammoth Mogul


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In GTA 5 (offline)  Menyoo mod, i have a plane name is Mammoth Mogul...but i can not find the files of it...cause i want to change turet Angle, i want to shoot 360 degree 

Beside i can not find any file of mod cars....plsz help me point it out

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It's a mounted gun, not a turret, they don't go 360 degrees because the player has to stand behind the gun. Where would the player stand if you were aiming towards the front of the plane?


If you wanted a turret (360 degree shooting), then you would have to edit the model in ZModeler3 and change all the meta files for the weapon, I have no idea how to do that.

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by the way....do u know what is the name of this mounted gun

i will try open that file and do some research

beleive that it must be inside .meta file....dont need to 3d design that gun 

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Wow... okay, that's very strange. I didn't even realise this plane existed in the game to be honest, I never use planes. If the AI can use it in 360 degrees, then maybe it is because of how the player controls the gun, that stops it from rotating 360 degrees.


There's a vehicleweapons_tula.meta that might control where the gun can go. Might be worth checking for anything that controls the gun angle in there.


The actual turret seems to be called "turret_1mod" in the model dummy list, there is another model for it in tula_mods.rpf called "tula_turret_b.yft"

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i checked vehicleweapons_tula.meta.....nothing inside mentions about rotation angle 360 degrees

Do you know where to find weapon rotaion angle inside those files ?

Just in case you do not understand....there are 2 guns 

1: small guns underneath the face of plane

2: very big gun on the top...they call that MG (means machine gun maybe) 

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I am just looking through the same file and the only things I can find are these:

<VehicleAttackAngle value="25.000000" />
<TorsoIKAngleLimit value="-1.000000" />

Those values don't seem to match the 90 degree rotation angle though.


The other thing I did notice was this:


Maybe the camera has some effect on where you can aim, I don't really know for sure. In the Mogul, it has this:


But it also has the same VehicleAttackAngle and TorsoIKAngleLimit values as the Tula. You could always try using the Mogul hash values on the Tula. It might crash the game but it might also do what you need, it could be worth a try. I would suggest just changing the DefaultCameraHash value first.

Edited by Guest
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<VehicleAttackAngle value="45.000000" />
<TorsoIKAngleLimit value="1.000000" />

i changed like that and nothing happends....so sad


<VehicleAttackAngle value="25.000000" />
<TorsoIKAngleLimit value="-1.000000" />

change to 45 & 1.....nothing happends


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Not sure what else it can be then I am afraid, you need someone who has more knowledge of planes and weapons. If I think of anything, I will post back in this thread, sorry I can't help more.

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you do your best ....appreciat that...help me ask this for any professor that u know 

post it here... i will remember you


this one doest have any numbers and digit....how can i change it

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