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Would you rather? pt 2

Urban Legends

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Urban Legends

Im just kidding.. This is not a series of random questions!


Intro: Please share your Thoughts on the neXt gta online versus the current generation GTA:Online (GTA5) 


Please keep in mind you still must answer this "Would you rather?" inquiry.... 


A#1 Would you rather Grand Theft Auto 6 have NO online playability (minus co-op single player)




A#2 Would you rather Grand Theft Auto 5 Online have the ultimate "Quality of Living" update turning it into a real Adult Crime simulator? With possible 2 or 3 more DLC.. Even more.




1. Your post must start with either "A#1" or "A"2"


2. Your post may not contain anything other than Seinfeld memes or the answer to the "would you rather?" question. 


3. If you did not understand rule #2 move to rule #4


4. Your post must begin with "A#1" or "A#2"


5. Please do not directly reply to anyones post or question in this topic. You can do that privately.


I would like to know what you think about the upcoming "possibility" of new online considering many people have wrote off.. So to speak.. The current generation GTAO due to numerous game mechanics that are broken and ruin the experience for the greater good. This issues we have discussed to no end and have been there for years in some cases. Anyone who has half a brain can easily identify about 8 to 10 glaring flaws in the game right now...


Ight thanks.. And please.. 


If you dont wanna play. Have a nice day. 👋 






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Out of the two options, I would not like GTA 5 online to be the main online. (I would rather they made a new online for GTA 6 from the start and have them learn from their mistakes)


Co-op single player would be awesome if that was a thing. Only saints row really did that to a good degree out of the games I played. Option two though is not really applicable as people will have deluxos, oppressors and jets still and you can't just wipe their progress like that. GTA 5 online in it's current state, would never be able to made into a real life adult crime sim if you will. Maybe on release or within a few months of release, but after a certain point, the possibilty for that went out the window. Besides, i rather they start anew rather than pumping resources in GTA 5 online for years to come. 

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This is just the same thing as the existing, and active, "Would You Rather" thread.




GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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