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Things you dislike in your favourite GTAs?

Grotti Vigilante

Recommended Posts

Grotti Vigilante

It's very easy for us GTA fans to say what things we like most in our favourite GTA games. Maybe your favourite is GTA San Andreas cause of variety and over the top fun gameplay, or GTA IV because of a more consistent and realistic tone. But I think for a nice change we should try and look at some of the things in our favourite GTA games and say "what were they thinking?". Let us reflect on what we dislike about our favourite Grand Theft Auto games, and maybe even what your least favourite games did better. I shall start off by saying that my favourite (at least at the moment) is either Vice City or San Andreas, and what do I dislike about them?


Well with Vice City, I really disliked the short storyline being extended out through asset missions that aren't part of the main storyline. I didn't like how there was no actual indication that you were supposed to complete the Print Works missions and five others just for you to unlock the final missions in game. I also didn't like how hard some of the missions got, and it was strange to me that the Malibu Club missions had nothing to do with the club itself. With San Andreas, it's got a lot of missions, just how I like it, but inevitably that means some missions will suck. I did not like Zero's missions very much, and the schools could get very ridiculous for gold medals. Especially that bike school!


So with that, why not tell us what things you disliked about your favourite GTA game, and maybe tell us what your least favourite did better than it...


Edited by Grotti Vigilante
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This thread is gonna be bloody... 




III:Dodo plane is broken. 

VC:The story declines badly after you move to the Vercetti mansion. 

SA:Couldn't find anything specific. Sorry. 

IV/EFLC:The Driving mechanics suck. 

V:You can't switch between the protagonists when the game doesn't want you to. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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Vice City

-The beach takes up too much space and is mostly wasted space

-Entering boats is harder than it should be, I ended up falling in the water too many times trying to get on one, and no swimming means you're screwed

-Game breaking bugs like the Cherry popper save glitch


San Andreas

-Changing outfits takes way too much time

-Some missions were just cutscenes probably there to reach the 100 mission count, and some like Deconstruction serve no purpose in the story

- Glitches like the Mad Doggs crib save glitch


Edit:Also I kinda dislike the RC vehicle missions in both games

Edited by Guest
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Bratva Assassin

Good thread, OP! :)



III: At times, the game itself can't seem to make up its mind whether it's actually more than serious or just as generic as some wacky Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Woody Woodpecker, or Tom and Jerry cartoon

VC: The melee system is not the best, as much as it pains me to say it

SA: A lot of not the best characters and missions

IV: Sorry but I can't really find anything at all.

TLAD: See Above.

TBOGT: The story can be a bit goofy at times and has just a little more dislikable characters than the average East Coast GTA
V: A bit too numerous to list

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El Penguin Bobo

I'll list my top three GTA games. 


GTA IV: Missions are somewhat repetitive, (they were varied at least), bugged parking spaces, and just not enough weapons or activities.


GTA VC: Tommy not being able to swim, somewhat tedious missions, and cops can get annoying.


GTA V: Mentioned this in another thread, but I don't like how you can die so easily. Try to take on a mob of enemies? You'll be lucky if you survived. Fly out the windshield of your car? Sometimes you will survive, sometimes you won't. Fall 10 feet? Dead. In this game, you have to be really smart and know what you're doing.


I also dislike on how some of the mission names has none of that creativity feel. For example, ending C is just called "The Third Way". They could have just called it "Deathwish".


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Image result for gta signature

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god speed

III: Lack of interiors
VC: The beach is a waste of space
SA: Takes ages to change clothes
IV: Useless money

Edited by perennial
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III: Lack of Interiors

VC: Beach takes up wasted space

SA: Some missions are pointless

IV: Useless Money

V:  Peds.  If you speak to a ped in GTA V, they will most likely call the cops on you.

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Easy choice for me: Unique Stunt Jumps - especially when they're required for 100%. I f*cking hate these things and always have! As far as I'm concerned, they're a complete waste of time and yet they're in every game aside from maybe one. Thankfully, in SA, they were not required for 100%! Ugh though, I wish they'd just be done with this feature already.


I also hated Zero's RC missions in SA and I'm not fond of having to find 50+ packages, scraps, parts, or whatever else is outlined in each game for 100% completion. Basically, anything where I have to either Google or read a guide in order to find whatever it is and/or complete.


I really, really hate unique stunt jumps though! Just don't even get me started there! 😠

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god speed

I like unique stunt jumps, just saying. I only hate those that end up in water. GTA V also had a compromise with only half of them needed for 100%.

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3 hours ago, perennial said:

I like unique stunt jumps, just saying. I only hate those that end up in water. GTA V also had a compromise with only half of them needed for 100%.

It's all good, I'm glad someone likes them, lol! I just recall how much they tortured me in most of the games; especially when they were so finicky about what constituted a successful completion. It's also the sheer number of them; even with half, V still required 25 of them and I think the same amount were required online in order to unlock certain paint colours in LSC.

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Algonquin Assassin

Fortunately GTA IV doesn't have any game breaking gripes I have, but if I had to pick one I would perhaps find disappointing/dislike the lack of suppressors is truly baffling considering Niko's a hired gun/hitman. I still love the majority of the missions, but it would've been awesome being able to use suppressors and the like Agent 47 style for that extra touch. 

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Grotti Vigilante
21 minutes ago, SonOfLiberty said:

I still love the majority of the missions, but it would've been awesome being able to use suppressors and the like Agent 47 style for that extra touch. 

Niko walking out of his interview with Tom Goldberg in his suit after silently shooting him is the most Agent 47-ish kill the GTA series could’ve had.

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You can silently kill Goldberg with a knife and stroll right out. 

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III: the lack of an in-game full map of the city, makes finding your way in the begining quite a challenge.


Vice City: the confusing road layout in most of the map, took me hours to get somewhere without getting lost or looking at the map. At least they do have an in-game full map of the city, tho.


San Andreas: How the story kinda loses all of its headings once you leave Los Santos. You're doing gang-related missions, some hours later you're helping a redneck rob a bank, then you're stealing jetpacks and robbing casinos. I wish the story focused more around maintaining Grove from a distance, or at least Kendl appeared more in the desert/Las Venturas segment.


IV: The lack of silencers and parachutes is a bit odd. Niko being a hitman and an ex-military would probably know how to use these. Would also open the game for more stealth approaches to missions.


V: How most of the map is useless in story mode.


Online: It isn't a game that welcomes beginers anymore, so people who haven't bought the game have no reason to play, unless they want to grind for 100 hours to buy the cheapest cars added in recent years and be killed by level 200 players every 2 minutes.

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  • 2 weeks later...
OG Freddy LOC

San Andreas Peds raising their hands after you aim a gun at them, 

numerous street lights, light poles scattered in every corner, every street ,

causes much vehicle collisions, crashes.


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I hate how GTA IV is so poorly optimized on PC. Idk if it's my favorite yet but I feel like it will be my favorite when I get a computer that can run it properly.

Edited by MysteryDriverX
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Many of the cars are very f*cking slow. Almost painfully slow. I'm looking at you, Schmidt.
Some cars only appear in some levels. ...Had to use a mod to correct this.
Lack of blood pool particles without using debug mode.
Saving costing you $50,000.


The draw bridge is pointless and annoyingly loud.
Can't climb.
Can't crouch.
Tyres don't pop
Can't shoot through car windows
Can't damage vehicles with fist/melee
Lack of gang respect system (from GTA2)
Top down camera is buggy
Lack of vehicular mounted weapons
No way of making gangs like you again so they'll stop shooting you on sight.
Lack of the off road track from Liberty City Stories.
No 3d grass.
Ugly over-sized Rockstar billboards.
Can't choose car colours when Pay N Spraying.
No getting guns/pickups when crushing a car.
Lack of exploding scores. (can be modded in).
Unable to buy vehicles from Capital Autos.


Beach is too big.
Lack of infamous Miami monorail.
No gory limbs (from GTA3).
Sprint running speed is too fast and superhuman-like.
Inconsistent lore.
Lack of top down camera.
Lack of vehicular mounted weapons.
Lack of blowing up cars for money.
Lack of ramming cars for money.
Can't choose car colours when Pay N Spraying.
Lack of exploding scores. (can be modded in)
Unable to buy vehicles from Sunshine Autos and Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium
No car crushing.
No 3d grass.


Changing clothes takes too long.
Several pointless missions.
AI traffic chasing you bug.
AI traffic unaware of your existence/ramming into you on the interstate.
AI traffic unaware of other AI traffic's existence, causing pile ups and 17 car explosions.
Interiors unused, such as donut shop.
Unused Italian and Russian Mafia gangs.
Broken Pay N Spray shop in LV.
Can't choose car colours when Pay N Spraying.
Dumb police AI.
Inconsistent lore.
Lack of top down camera.
Lack of vehicular mounted weapons.
Lack of blowing up cars for money.
Lack of ramming cars for money.
No gory limbs (from GTA3).
No getting money when stealing a taxi cab.
No car crushing.
Lack of gang respect system (from GTA2).
Giving motorcycle cops pistols.
Lack of exploding scores.
Unable to buy vehicles from Wang Cars, Auto Bahn, Otto's Autos, Shody Used Autos, and Coutt and Schutz.

Edited by Yinepi
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III - not being able to normally access Ghost Town through the blocked tunnels


VC - not being able to command my own gang


SA - the annoying hunger system


LCS - a rampage requiring to attack the Leones. Cops outrun the player on foot


VCS - annoying Sharks


IV/EFLC - waiting on phone calls in order to proceed in the storyline. Hate how C* neglected the PC version of the game


V - Los Santos, or at least South and East LS, feels too small and industrial


Online - really don't like it. Not very user-friendly. Less payouts. Seems to be C*'s priority nowadays

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III:no map in menu

VC:can't swim,no Gator Keys,Mainland feels unfinished(without Little Havana)

SA:somehow it looks bad,same peds everywhere,a lot of safehouses with same interiors,clothes look bad(unlike VC),lots of bugs,somehow the cities are not alive,boring races,useless fight moves in gyms,some missions are not logical and feel off (Zero's missions) and also the lack of Ryder as real antagonist plus Big Bear cut mission

LCS:lack of buyable safehouses,forgetable antagonists,can't swim,lack of interiors,mediocre storyline,hostile Yardies bug,no helicopters

VCS:short story(only 59 missions),lack of buyable safehouses,no tatoo parlors(not very significant,but it was in beta)

IV:lack of buyable safehouses and cars,no silented pistol,minigun,revolver,nightstick(for me it's not important,but it was beta,and would be more fun to do the missions with those guns)

EFCL:like IV lack of things to buy with money,and being DLC's and not separate games with more missions and developement(this is not a bad thing,but EFCL were so amazing DLC's that I wish were separate games with more missions,to know better the characters;and EFCL had no boring mission)

V:3 characters,but not so different,big map,but unused(more villages could be done,and a higher Mount Chilliad with a big forest),short and unrealistic story,lack of restaurants and option to eat,IV&EFCL games removed and replaced with useless ones(Yoga,Golf),unrealistic physics,the poor area of Los Santos is unfinished,the map dosen't feel alive,Online will destroy GTA,Shark Cards,EFCL>>>>>>>>GTA V storyline DLC's(I forgot it hasn't any)

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Algonquin Assassin

I didn't do ones for GTA III, Vice City and TLAD.:blush:






-The overpowering and unbalanced aggressiveness of gangs later on in the story which makes doing simple thing like free roaming a nightmare. I'm all for creating a feeling of danger, but having your car wrecked by some Leone with a couple of shotgun shots isn't cool IMO. I'm glad this was toned down in later games where it isn't so much of a nuisance, but the "danger" is still there.


-Mission payouts are too over the top. It's possible to be a millionaire before you've even left Portland.


-Lack of simple mechanics like crouching, jumping from moving cars etc. Whilst not necessarily the fault of the game since these things come with time and improvement of core gameplay they're pretty missed when going back to GTA III honestly.


Vice City:


-The story fizzles out after Diaz is killed.




-The clubhouse being burned down. From a story perspective it makes sense, but still it's one of my favourite hangout spots in the series and it kinda sucks it's taken away.

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Lack of in-game map, and, while it's a feature introduced in later games so it isn't necessarily a fault of this one, inability to hop out of vehicles. The last one is really sh*tty for if I'm in a police chase and the car bursts into flames.

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GTA III is unplayable after ending of game.

I mean the are left only few district that nobody wants you to kill...

This ruined game for me, even If I love GTA III.

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Bullsh*t bullsh*t bullsh*t


Edited by DR:BUSTA
Very weird how my opinion changed about everything
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Lets not talk about the maps. Lets talk about the story:


III: The story has no point. You basically helping everyone but not yourself. You cant relate to Claude at all. So that basically makes you a dumb guy helping others for no reason. The only mission that makes the story good was the last mission where you do something for yourself.


Vice city: The story was good until Tommy killed Diaz and it became a pointless story.


San Andreas: Cj helping the hood was great and all but when Cj got involved to Business and Casino for money, Its like a remade story of Vice city.


Vice city Stories: Never played it


Liberty City Stories: Its pretty much GTA III with a talking Claude who can wear suits rather jacket and cargo pants.


IV: To be honest, The IV's story is pretty boring...Yes, I said it. Niko arrived in Liberty City to find a man who betrayed his army and he works for everyone. So, its basically III's story again except you have a goal. The story was dark. In other GTA games, you will enthusiastic for the next mission because there is something interesting but in IV, you would always think when the story would end and there is only like 10 missions that makes you enthusiastic to play it.


The Lost and Damned: Never played it.


The Ballad of Gay Tony: I can let some of the story goofy but I Dont Want The Whole Story To Be Goofy.


V: Michael and Trevor's Story was good but Franklin's Story is just a copy and paste Of CJ's Story. The way the story started was just idiotic. The story starts with your tennis coach slept with your wife and your Ex-Boyfriend finds you. 


So, What we gathered here? Yes, The Liberty City GTA's are almost same.


Please, Dont be offended. Please let the people have their own opinions. If someone says like GTA V is better than GTA San Andreas, Please them be with it. Please dont abuse them. Gta San Andreas or any other Game is better than all games is a way a 7 years old act. Every GTA games deserves the same place and the same medal. So, Man up and stop saying this game is better than that game, Please.



Thank You



Edited by CasMusThai
The Dislikes of IV offends the people, So, it is safe to edit it
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Wait, it says "in your favorite gta", so every gta your favorite right

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19 minutes ago, Cjrememberthat said:

Wait, it says "in your favorite gta", so every gta your favorite right

Yeah but like your favourite is not like 100% favourite to you. There are dislikes for your favourite, right?


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Another note for IV


I hate when the protagonist's guns run out of ammo, They will just drop it and you have to spend a grand or two for the gun store to get the same weapon

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In every game that has Vigiante/Cop missions etc the fact you still get a wanted level.


I'd accept unlocking a cop outfit first but seriously, it takes the fun away sometimes.

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