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Are Bunkers worth it?


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I've got a Hangar, Nightclub, Counterfeit farm and Import//Export business with a terrobyte. I have done the client jobs hence got the trade price for the Oppresor MKII. I was going to save for this through my import/export (I don't really use any other business) but I also was planning on maxing out my guns - hence get weopon ammo types and upgrade them to MK2. Do Bunkers make good money? What's the most efficient way for me to make money? Is it more efficient to let the nightclub run my counterfeit, cargo and bunker or to sacrifice import/export for them? Ty in advanced.


Also I don't want a MK2 to troll, had enough issues with trolls already, just wanna fly round quickly and defend myself against griefers.

*NOTE I dont own a bunker yet, but can afford one.

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They are the best paying "passive" (i.e. you don't have to do anything but sell) business out there. Get Farmhouse if you can afford it Chumash if you can't, fully upgrade, buy supplies, switch sessions if you get a crap sale (i.e. Merryweather Insurgents/Dune FAVs/Marshalls), and watch the cash roll in. It will also contribute "Sporting Goods" towards your Nightclub.

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The Wandering Hunter

if you play solo run:


bunker, sell at 140k


nightclub with the technicians set to bunker, crates, coke, meth, cash


and import export / ceo work

in between


mcs are good if you have regularly playing friends. although they are 2x right now

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Short answer: Yes.


Long answer: Heck, yes!

Why? Because it's a game and like any game, the more opportunities to explore, do new things, change the way you play, and immerse deeper into the entertainment experience is worth it.

It's kind of like going to an a theme park and only playing the carnival games or riding the Tea Cups, then asking, "should I go on the roller coaster?" 

I hope this helps, because at the end of the day, it's all about fun. Why not expand your chance to have fun when you can?

Go get some cotton candy and enjoy! Cheers! :)

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In my opinion, the bunker is so much better than I/E work. I got burnt out on I/E after awhile and haven't bothered with it at all in ages. However, I would say the bunker is probably the best business I've ever purchased and definitely one of the easiest ways in the game to earn money. The weapon upgrades are quite nice as well, but it will take time to unlock all of the research, as it's randomized and you cannot skip over the ones you do not want/need unless you're willing to spend money to fast track some of them. I fast tracked probably 85% of mine, but some things are automatically available once you buy the bunker and M.O.C.


After you've bought the supplies and generated enough product, the selling missions are generally very quick and easy; you'll make all of what you spent plus more in no time. Just make sure to keep it stocked; unlike LJT, Agent 14 doesn't call and tell you that you're out of supplies, so I would make it a habit of always having a look every now and then and restocking right before you do a sale.


The Nightclub takes more time to fill, but you will be surprised at just how quickly the bunker fills once you have all of the workers solely dedicated to manufacturing. I also recommend the Farmhouse; selling to Los Santos generates more income per sale and it's a very quick and easy trip from there.


If you need more information, have a look at this thread:

I don't think you will regret it. Good luck!

Edited by -LN-
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Urban Legends

Just unlocked missiles for the mark 1 oppressor so... Yeah I'm all giddy. 


You'll be very happy in your new bunker!

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Lil Handgrenade

I absolutely love my bunker. Anytime I'm home doing things other than play GTAO, I will log online & join a session & head straight to my bunker & buy supplies, then teleport to my facility via Lester Doomsday inv & let my character watch TV for 2 hrs & 20 min while I mess around the house. Every 2 hrs I'll chk back in & go resupply & teleport back to my facility to watch TV another 2 hrs. It doesn't take long to have a full bunker sale worth a little over $1 mil. When I'm ready to play I do a public solo & find new session until I get the 2 insurgent or 2 phantom wedge sale mission. Doesn't take long either. I can pretty much have a $1 mil sale everyday whn I log on so Cheers to Chumash!

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Definitely worth getting, especially if you already have a nightclub.

To start out and get a feel for the sales missions, just buy one load of supplies for 75k and sell when it's used up in 2 hours 20 minutes. This guarantees only one sales vehicle and an easy solo sale in an empty lobby. It sells for 210k making an easy 135k each time.

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El Diablo 702

The bunker is easy $$$.  Even the crap vehicle sales aren’t that bad if you want something different to do although the dune buggy can get some way out there drop points” will take all of allotted time”. As drewbuddy13 said buy supplies and watch tv “check system settings to not get idle kicked”. This works for research also but takes slightly longer if that’s something you’re interested in, I did mine at night while sleeping 

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If you can afford it I would drop money on the closest Bunker to the city. I have the Paleto Bay one and I am too cheap to change, plus I love Paleto Bay. I would get the closest one if I could do it again.


Spending the extra cash and being able to sell a full Bunker solo would be worth it. 

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Bunker is by far your best bet.

Selling full stock long-distance will net you a bigger payout than all 5 MC businesses combined, and there's the added bonus of not having to backtrack from several locations, better sell missions and the choice of operating either as CEO/MC President.


And you'll love it when there's 2x on sales on a particular event week, too. Two other players (minimum) helped me empty a complete stock of weapons, long-distance in a packed session brought in a little over $2m profit.

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Not this question again! No offence!


For regular GTA online players, YES, it's absolutely worth it. I set my spawn point at my bunker and sell its contents afar for 210k whenever I log on, as well as paying 75k for new supplies (which magically turn into 210k while I play). Do this every time you play GTA online and make 135k + bonuses.

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The Bunker works well for passive earnings with product sales and in stock added to the Night Club stock.
On the cheap you could wait for sale prices, but why wait if you are playing often and want something new to add to what you have now.

I found the Bunker fun and easy. I purchased at full price. Made lots of money grinding when double pay.
The missions to collect supplies are enjoyable and are doable solo. It takes 5 supply mission or a 75K purchase to fill the supply meter.

I sell at half the maximum and only deliver with the Phantom or the Black Insurgents. I pass on the other 3 vehicles.
2 Black Insurgents and 1 or 2 Phantoms can be delivered within time solo with the aid of a flying vehicle.
At first i sold at ¼, but found it is just as easy at ½ when using the delivery vehicles i use.
Money is not really lost when i pass on certain vehicles as less time is needed with the vehicles i use.
When i pass on the Dune Buggies i almost always get a Phantom. One Phantom is about a 6 minute delivery.

Passive is easy. Just buy stock and sell stock when it is ready. Make money, go afk, or mess around while you wait.
5 stealing missions take time and more than 75K can be made in the time it takes to do those 5 missions.
There is also a trick to fill the supply meter for 15K instead of 75K. I never used the trick and it could be patched.

Overall the Bunker is fun, profitable, and great for passive earnings. Big money too if grinding during double pay weeks.

Edited by jazzbone
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Bunker? Absolutely! Bar none, this is a property that is a staple of anyone who takes online seriously and wants to make a few bucks. It is a necessity, and anyone with at least 15-30 minutes to dedicate in a session of gameplay for the day must get one, preferably Chumash or Farmhouse.


OP, here's some words of wisdom: pay no heed to any idiot whose first words about the Oppressor MKII refer to anything about trolling or calling it a broomstick, scooter, or some stupid crap like that. The MKII is a tool that will help you earn money thru your businesses.


MKII's do not troll people, players do. Sound familiar? Something about guns? Yeah

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