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That gold bar glitch.


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I’v started my second play through. I want to  the gang to feel good, and I’ve always loved the places where they had the camp. But I want them to feel good and save the game at the good points along the way, to not have a sick Arthur and such. Every chapter has something special, so I have a question: That gold glitch in the burned down town - Is it still working? I want to upgrade the camp as early as possible. 


I’ve searched many places, but I never get a straight answer to whether or not it’s working, and how to do it.


I know that glitching is a no no on this board, but for SP it’s all right if I remember correctly.

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The glitch where the player could collect one bar after the next by reloading the open box (or something like that - I didn't try it) got patched early on. However, the Limpany gold bar will respawn on occasion. It takes quite a while, maybe a week or so, but it will eventually respawn.

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In the future buy physical copies of your games so you can uninstall then reinstall the game offline. This way you can take advantage of exploits patched by Rockstar turds with bad hair and worse attitudes. Make sure if you are able to still take advantage of the glitch you sell your gold bars and buy your desired stuff before updating again since with this particular glitch Rockstar decided to, on completion of the update, take the extra gold bars from player's inventories the tryhard pricks. If you don't have the physical copy, or the digital game for Xbox one, you can no longer do the glitch. If you have the game for Xbox one digitally select do not update when asked during the game's instillation. You won't be able to play while online but you could play offline without updates. Digital PS4 copy must be updated, PS4 blows. When it comes down to it have yourself some fun. Red dead redemption 2 let me have the kind of fun you have while watching a street performer chew out this crying kid for ruining his unpaid street act where the street performer would eat a whole tomato upside down or something.

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I used that glitch first time but second play through I didn't. .. I just went and got treasure, did bounty missions etc and ended up with a tidy sum. Give it a go without..you might surprise yourself

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