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[fix] Crash or black screen after Puncture Wounds mission [0x0F10AE65]


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Debugger says:

Unhandled exception at 0x0F10AE65 in gta_sa.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x0F10AE65.



* Change Data Execution Prevention setting

* Don't use ENB.exe





If still nothing:

Turn off also CFG in Windows Defender (set for separate application) and turn on frame limiter, delete Insanity Audio Pack (it previously prevented the game from showing the crash screen, stucking it on black screen). Binary was 1.0 US.





0x0F10AE65 is unique for this issue (shows on every crash).

(- after this mission)

If still nothing, try turn on AA.

In other black screen issue cases, someone told to delete gta_sa.set in My Documents, and set the lowest resolution.

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lil weasel

Some details please,

  • Which Version of the Game do you own?

1.       Console. (which one)

2.       PC DVD v1 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

3.       PC DVD v2 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

4.       STEAM Registered Down Load v3

5.       Mobile (Andrioid or iOS)

6.       Stolen, (Warez, Torrent, Pirated), Game: No fixes to be found there, too many reasons not to work. Ask at the Source Site.


When posting a PC problem, be sure to include the following information:

  • Operating system (Windows users: be sure to mention if you have Vista/XP/7/8, and which Service Pack you have)

  • Video/Graphics card type + graphics memory

  • Processor

  • RAM (random access memory)

  • Keyboard & Mouse or GamePad.

  • If you have installed mods, search or post a topic in https://gtaforums.com/forum/281-gta-mods/

You don’t need to quote, answers will fine.

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When I mean

* Change Data Execution Prevention setting

It is adding an exception, adding to the list.


OS: Windows 10 x64


Other mods which could interefere, I enumerated.


I don't think that exclusively other ones without DEP exception cause it, but who knows. Other mods:









Creative Alchemy (dsound.dll, ini)

Looks like binary was from downgrader.

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