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The Flight of the Dodo Demon - A GTA Fanfiction.

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Hello everyone. This is a fanfic I've been working on. It was written from a different approach to the typical GTA fanfiction. Whether this is good or bad is up to you, but I can assure you that is different. It was originally written in spanish, so the translation may not be perfect. Let me know if there are mistakes. Let's begin.


Once again, Claude entered to the airport in which the city kept a dodo demon. He rode it with the hope of taming it and escape to the outskirts of the city. With the reins on the creature, he made it run through the asphalted field and forced it to crash his head against the pavement until its beak began to spark because of the friction, which made him know that it was time for the monster to rise towards the clouds. Once in the air, it was a matter of the dodo not coming down, so he forced it to straighten it over and over. Once he left the city behind, mountains full of vegetation began to form. The problem was, the further he went, the more deformed the landscape. That’s how Claude saw that fully detailed mountains become poor, half finished textures; and the black, oiled ocean become an endless blue void that revealed the water as a shallow and flat illusion. He even saw a piece of a town floating above the void, that was just another delusion. He recognize that town for being the bank he robbed with Catalina and Miguel a long time ago, and then he asked himself: How did he entered and go out of there? Not even he could answer that question, even when he was aware of his actions all the time. This set of discordant elements made him suspect that maybe Liberty City wasn’t a real place, but some kind of mirage. A place with no past or future, only present. That also seemed strange for him, since he remembered having a life in a place called San Andreas. He met his exgirlfriend Catalina there, and they left the place in a ZR-350. A car that strangely didn’t exist in Liberty City in that 2001. It didn’t make any sense, until it finally made it: That past didn’t exist. It was an invention to justify his present adventure. That city where he resided, all those criminal bosses that he met, all those jobs he had done and even himself was a mere illusion. A character and not an individual. He got depressed, until he saw some names written on the sea: “Garystown”, “Aaronsville”, “Les County”. That was the last thing that gave him hope that there was something else. Something beyond that lifeless city. He got closer. And closer. And closer. So close that the dodo collided with the invisible barrier that separated the sea from the void. Both fell into the water and, since one of them was a beast made of metal and the other couldn´t swim, they drowned. Once again.

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Very interesting and funny story! :)

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Thank you. Have you read my other story, The Ultimate Conscience?

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21 hours ago, Motorik said:

Thank you. Have you read my other story, The Ultimate Conscience?

No, but perhaps I will. :)

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That is quite a beautiful way to put into words the barren wasteland that lies just below the boundaries of the map given to us. Always found that area to be quite creepy for its "you really aren't supposed to be here" vibe, so it's nice to see someone do it justice, in the writers' section no less. (Cause more activity is never a bad thing)

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