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I have created a graphic mod for Vice City and apart from what I have made myself, I also used some mods by other people. I didn't write down which ones I have used and I'm now wondering if its ok to publish it without their permission or at least a credits.

What you think? Can I upload a mod without contacting the modders which work is in part included and modified, should I at least try to find which mods I used and create a credits file? The best for me would be just uploading it without any of that, I have been creating it for myself and my friends if they would want it, but I think its a pretty good mod and it would be kind of a waste not to publish it. I don't want publicity, I just want it out there so people could enjoy it.

What you guys think?




PS: Some screenshots if anyone is interested how it looks like.





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19 hours ago, GhoticCorw said:

Can I upload a mod without contacting the modders which work is in part included and modified

Strictly talking, modpacks are not allowed but it basically depends on what type of "graphic" modification you have made. If are just custom settings/presets for different mods and files of the game then it can't be considered a mod. If you have made a plugin or a script that changes the game, that can be considered an actual mod.


19 hours ago, GhoticCorw said:

should I at least try to find which mods I used and create a credits file?

As I said before, since modpacks are not allowed, it doesn't matter if you include a credits list. The best you can do is to upload what was made by you and include a "readme" file with instructions for the required mods. You can also include the sources of every used mod so people can easily get them.


If you want to upload a mod don't forget to check the forum rules. In your case, graphic mods are usually uploaded in the "others" section, so take a look at the mods there to emulate their design & layout ;) 

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Thanks for the reply.


In that case I guess there is no point, I don't remember some of the mods I used and at least one of them is an old mod that can't be found anywhere after all those years.

Not to mention that it would be highly inconvenient for players to download and install those mods one by one by themselves.

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