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Why couldn’t John just report Edgar Ross and Archer Fordham?


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So a situation occurred that has now actually brought an interesting topic to mind. While I already have an answer personally, maybe there is others here who could back up what it says in the title. 

Now, I personally think it’s obvious John couldn’t do that. Who was he gonna tell? Who would take his side? Edgar Ross was head of the local Bureau of Investigation. He was powerful and had powerful connections. It was the government itself. John was technically a wanted outlaw who could be killed for his crimes still. (Even though he was a redeemed man that we all wish got to have a happy ending) 


But recently, my friend has started playing this game for the first time and he doesn’t really understand why the government would kidnap his family. He knows why they’re doing it, but he feels like it isn’t realistic and he says John could easily report the agents, which even if it is just reported, he argues someone would investigate it still. Exposing Ross’s corruption. 


Now like I said, personally I just don’t think it would make sense, Ross and Fordham are high ranking agents (seems that way at least) and in the real world they have enough power to shut down anyone trying to expose and stop them. They had enough power to kidnap his family, and later send the army after his farm, then it’s clear that they have enough power over John. 


Overall though it does leave an interesting idea, what would of happened had John talked to someone. Maybe someone does have a clear argument for how John reporting Ross and Fordham kidnapping his family could’ve helped. So, does anyone actually agree that John could’ve reported the agents for their actions or is it truly just not possible/doesn’t work that way?

Sorry, I know this was pretty long lol 😄


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1) Who would he report them to

2) Who would believe John

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2 hours ago, universetwisters said:

1) Who would he report them to

2) Who would believe John

Yep. Just as I said and feel. 

It wouldn’t be worth it or work. 

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  • 3 months later...

Plus isnt John a wanted criminal himself technically the more people digging into the case the higher chance someome figures out he was in dutchs gang and tries to arrest him 

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  • 1 month later...

John was a former outlaw on the run, no one would of believed him anyway.

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Bratva Assassin

Same reason as to why CJ never reported Frank Tenpenny in GTA: San Andreas. Being a gangster, his superiors would most likely think he’s lying. That’s the dangerous thing about corrupt officials (especially when they’re a cop, spy, teacher, pastor, or politician). Any gangsters or outlaws whom they may have working for them would obviously NOT be trusted. So yeah, the answer is actually quite plain and simple. You also wouldn’t trust a viking or pirate either, especially when it came to the authorities they may work for.

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