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Bucky [DOMC President]

Devils Own MC - A Slightly More ''Casual" MC in GTA

Recommended Posts

Bucky [DOMC President]

---- Topic and crew still under construction, but wanted to get this out there ASAP ----

"Ah great, another MC in GTA. What's so different about this one?"

- You'd be right to sigh initially at the sight of yet another GTA MC, especially now that the game is in its latter stages and likely does not have much playing time left. But that is exactly why I started DOMC. The crew is for people who want to still have the full MC experience you can expect with the roleplay MCs or the 1% MCs around here, just for the people with either less time on their hands, or for people who are hesitant to commit much time and effort to join a more serious group. This group will also be for people who cannot join those groups due to 18+ age restrictions (although there still will be an age minimum of 16).

"Okay, fair enough. What's your deal gonna be?"

- Well, as explained earlier, the focus will be on a more roleplay/immersion style of playing but with a more casual approach. Few rules, few commitments, maximum experience is sort of the way to look at it. Don't expect people to scream at you for not attending so-and-so, or failing to roam around with the cut on all day long. DOMC isn't just for GTA either, but the main goal and origin of course is. DOMC in a perfect view is a mixture of MC veterans with little time and new guys seeking that same MC feeling. In that sense, prospecting periods, although still present, will not be as intense as compared to 1% MCs, and other stuff like that. It's like comparing Milsims to more casual clans, in case you play ArmA or something related.


"Few rules you said. So what are they?"

- The rules DOMC has are more to increase immersion and roleplay, instead of limiting players. Therefore the rules are not always enforced and boundaries may be stretched. The only real rules are that you have at least 1 cruiser/chopper style bike, look (perferrably realistically) like a biker, and don't discriminate within the crew. Weapon clauses are there mostly for participating in communities that demand clauses, so do not expect a ton of restrictions there either.




Feeling (mildly) interested? Then either click the following link for more information or hit me up personally on Social Club to ask for more information. Thanks in advance!

SC Crew link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devils_own_worldwide

Personal link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Buckrider/

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