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Game glitches to no wanted level and some missions don't seem to trigger-start.


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I want to start by saying that I own the games and here's proof of it:



I love the franchise and always bought them disks, even for V, I love them maps. 


BUT. Well, new computer, no DVD reader. Where do I get the digital version? I tried Rockstar and all I get is a purchase link and another to give me a code that only works after I install the game... from the discs. How do I install a legit copy? I remember trying to install the disk was a pain. Anyway, had to navigate the high seas. And here's this copy of the game, already with EFLC too, no Live etc Just install and play. 


The game works fine for a time, then suddenly I'm doing a quest and I realize police is not onto me as they should. Go and test hitting a cop and nothing, guess what, a freaking pedestrian start shooting me like defending the poor cop. Anyway I search for "no wanted level glitch" and after the gazillion links and crap about getting no wanted cop trick I find one answer saying "kill Nico and should be fixed", indeed it does, I have to kill Nico and all back to good again. 

Then comes the Holland Play, Playboy asks me to kill Dwayne, I get out and nothing happens, I remember distinctly having Dwayne calling me. After googling again it seems I had to call Dwayne, which fixes one part of the problem because he asks me to kill Playboy, but nothing else happens, I had to call Playboy to get the mission triggered. 

Now comes the lawyer interview mission, I submitted the resume and I'm still waiting something to trigger the lawyers to give me the appointment, there's no email, calling McReary does nothing, it's been a week in game, been doing races, delivering cars to Brucie, game goes on, did a mission for UN Papers, nothing happens. 


So first question is, is there a fix to stop these glitches? Second question is related to probably something that can't be talked about here, if the problem is the one eyed copy of the game, how do I install my legit copy having in consideration that I don't have a DVD player. 


Thanks for any help.

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