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How to make tuning parts replaceable

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Hi everyone. There`s a question I can`t find answer to for years: how to make tuning parts of any car substitutable so they replace the existing original ones, not just attach to the car. One of the famous examples is a spoiler. In cars like Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX or Nissan Skyline R34 it already installed as stock part, and when you buy a tuning spoiler to such a car it adds upon a trunk, not replacing an existing part. The same matter with hoods and roof scoops. Does anybody know what game`s data files or scripts are responsible for it? Looking forward for answers!

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lil weasel
Posted (edited)

The GTA San Andreas forum is NOT for Modding, Modding questions, Modding problems, nor Modding discussions.


Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:



Topic was moved while posting. this



Edited by lil weasel

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There are two types of tuning parts for GTA:SA. The first type is a generic tuning part that will be applied to many different cars. If your car model, for example a Sentinel uses these tuning parts, it'll be very difficult to replace the original tuning part and still have it look good on other vehicles that use the same tuning part, such as a Club. The second type of tuning part is specific to a vehicle, such as a Sultan. Those tuning parts will only be applied to the Sultan, which makes modding them very easy. I won't give you the full run-down on replacing them and I will assume you have a working knowledge of GTA 3D era vehicle modding.


Use this list for tuning parts and their respective vehicle: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Vehicle_Upgrades

The list also has filenames and descriptions.


All tuning parts are a separate model. They are aligned to 0,0,0 co-ordinates. Vehicles will have dummies to align the tuning parts properly. The game will attach a tuning part to the respective dummy so it's in the right position. It uses the tuning part's pivot point to align the part to the dummy, so you will need to have this setup properly. You can use Align in 3DS Max to make this easy.


How to replace tuning parts:

1. Adjust the dummy position if needed (need to do this with custom vehicle models, like a new car on the Sultan).

2. Place the tuning part in the right position on the car and adjust it's pivot point to be centered on the dummy.

3. Setup the tuning part for export with the correct material settings and UVW maps.

4. Remove/hide everything else in the scene except for your tuning part.

5. Move the tuning part to 0,0,0 co-ordinates.

6. Export to the correct filename.

7. Export the vehicle model (Sultan as example) with the correct dummy placements, that are also named correctly. Check default vehicles for naming schemes and typical hierarchy.

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