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Police car model

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Hi everyone,
Recently I added some mods to GTA 5. These mods included: realistic sounds for weaponry and a model for the police cars (I'll put a link at the bottom so you can see what I'm talking about). When I played the game I found out that not all the police cars had the new model. Does anyone of you know how this is possible and how I can do something about it so all the police cars have that skin? I'm completely new to modding, so don't expect me to understand everything immediately.

Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/politie-mercedes-b-klasse-els





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That mod has model files called police.yft, so it will replace any in-game vehicles that use that model name. However, there are many police models in the game that don't use that model name. police2, police3, police4, policeold1, policeold2. Then you've got the Sheriff models, sheriff and sheriff2.


Replace models like the one you linked are usually made to replace a specific vehicle. You could try making a copy of all the files in the mod and giving them a different name but there is no guarantee it would work. police.yft is a Police Cruiser, police2 and police3 are also Police Cruisers, so you might be able to replace them. Some of the others are SUVs, so you might get problems replacing those.


What you will need to do to replace different models, is copy the three files (police.yft, police.ytd and police_hi.yft) into a separate folder, rename them to police2.yft, police2.ytd and police2_hi.yft and add those into your game. Then do the same thing again, but this time use police3 instead of police2.


Make sure you do all the replacing in a mods folder, so that you have the originals as a backup if things go wrong.


I don't know anything about ELS though but it might be as simple as copying that XML file and giving it the same name as the other models, i.e. police2.xml and police3.xml.

Edited by Guest

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