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Put EFLC exclusive radio in GTA IV


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Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to put a radio that's exclusive to EFLC into GTA IV. I specifically want to put Vice City FM in GTA IV, which according to the wikia is an EFLC exclusive and "replaces" that The Vibe radio. I don't mind if I have to lose a IV radio station by replacing it with Vice CIty FM for this to work. Is it just a matter of replacing files and I can have that Vice City FM radio instead of The Vibe (or some other radio)?

I don't own GTA IV or EFLC yet but I'm planning to buy GTA IV on Steam soon. Idk if I'm interested in EFLC but I guess I could get those too.


Thanks in advance for the reply!

Edited by MysteryDriverX
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By retail he means the actual physical copy, non-Steam version, right?

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By retail I mean the non-DLC version of the game. Steam or not.


That is the only game which has the new radios.

Edited by Jinx.
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Oh excellent! Thanks for the answer!!! Your mod definitely looks great, I will try it out when I get the game.


Edit: Sorry to bother again, this version is a non-DLC one, right? Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition


Edited by MysteryDriverX
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Great, thanks!! I'll be buying this one soon probably

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