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Sloth the storyteller

[MP] Agent

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Sloth the storyteller





Steve Kosenko, an agent infiltrated into terrorist groups, works for a secret agency. His only contact is Mike Toreno, who entrusts him with various jobs to track down a dangerous Russian terrorist. Steve comes into contact with some big-time terrorists, and discovers that the big boss is his brother, who disappeared mysteriously ten years ago. Fought between duty and family, he makes a choice that will have serious consequences in his life. Mikhail is arrested along with other terrorists, while Steve resigns from the agency. Five years later, Mikhail manages to escape from a maximum security prison and the first thing he does is take revenge on his brother. He kidnaps Sandy, Steve's daughter, with the intent of freeing her if Steve surrenders to Mikhail. Mike Toreno intervenes, offering him the opportunity to get his daughter back, but in return he wants Mikhail to be eliminated.










Steve Kosenko

Secret agent to Mike Toreno's addiction. Steve doesn't know which agency he works for, but he doesn't ask questions. He learned very early that the questions are not needed in this work. Facts count, not words. He has participated in many Golpe in South America. He worked with African dictators and managed to steal an unknown technology from under the nose of the Soviets. His work soon led him to come to terms with his past, with his family.




Mikhail Kosenko

Mikhail is Steve's brother. He has always had a predisposition towards the bad. Ever since he was a child the devious, evil, obscure figures have always attracted him. As he grew older, his character changed and he became violent. At sixteen he joined a group of thugs, destroying shops and houses. At eighteen he ended up in prison and from there his terrorist career was all uphill. He met the right people, taking part in the Yugoslav wars and importing weapons into all countries from the Soviet regime. He soon became known worldwide as the most dangerous terrorist on the planet. He planned to destroy San Andreas by bombing it with nuclear missiles. This didn't happen just because Steve, his brother, arrested him from Mike Toreno.



All other characters that meet during missions are of minor importance.





*The following mission pack contains 8 missions*


AGENT (MP Complete)












Edited by Sloth the storyteller
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Sloth the storyteller

Mission pack walkthrough update





Walkthrough Mission Pack


Edited by Sloth the storyteller
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 The mission pack is great if you want to pass time playing something fun, but there are a lot of issues that were impossible to overlook. The most important one is of course the grammar/language mistakes. The language used throughout the missionpack is very inconsistent. The daughter is often called He/It, The characters speak utter nonsense some times, etc... I understand that English is not your first language, but it is very clear that google translate was used for 99% of the dialogue. Personally, I find it easier to read broken English than google translated English.


 Another problem is the huge amount of filler. The MP should definitely be shorter than 8 missions. Half of them are: Talk to Toreno. Go to warehouse. Shoot Enemies. Final cutscene sequence with some story. Repeat. (Oh, and on a side note, the missionpack takes place entirely in the countryside for some reason.. it's not an issue of course, just... odd for some reason. I don't play DYOM missions in the countryside often, especially when they aren't cowboy or biker themed.) Because of this filler, by the time I'm halfway done with the MP, I almost forgot why Steve is after his brother in the first place. This wouldn't happen if the story didn't stray off from the main plot line too much, but I guess that's just Toreno huh, I mean.. he did it in the GTA SA story too.

 Away from the dialogue and story for now and into gameplay. My biggest pet peeve is repetitive actor skins and unfortunately this MP has it, a lot of it. Believe me, the extra time spent on adding more variety to the skins is absolutely worth it. It is a simple change, but will greatly improve your missions in quality. The cutscenes are also very repetitive. Especially when Toreno and Steve are talking. The cutscene just cycles between two placements directly facing the actor. It is very basic, some more captivating and artistic cutscene placement does wonders in making the MP more exciting. I know this video is a parody, and that the entire movie itself is one big joke, but in my opinion it is very helpful with understanding the importance of cutscene placement and actor movement in these cutscenes to the tone of the story and the development of the actors. I recommend checking it out.


All in all, I think you can do a lot better. I hope you take everything I said as merely constructive criticism. I liked the missionpack a lot, but I see lots of Room for improvement. Thanks for reading!


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Sloth the storyteller

Thanks for your review. I will try to improve English.

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I havent played it, but it sounds great tho

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Found it and never regretted playing, though there are some problems that i saw, they can be overlooked, it can sometimes cause problem to people. I am not criticizing this mission , i am here to say it is better to look for some tiny problems but overall an intriguing mission, keep doing more

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