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Favorite mission(s) in GTA SA?

Ballas King

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7 hours ago, wfank said:

2. Lifes a Beach (we play gta for cool action not stupid dance offs, and the score requirement is higher than the cesar vialpando one, eas tomiss,but good there is an alernate way i use 90 % time,but I hate sacrificing my homie for that creep Loc) 

I always done this method since finding it years ago. Yeah feel bad for the homie but it does make everything a whole lot easier than actually doing the annoying sh*t mini game. On the bright side at least he'll respawn a block away with other Troy's and Tarnell's lol :p

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 8/20/2019 at 7:50 AM, Big_Smiley said:

I always done this method since finding it years ago. Yeah feel bad for the homie but it does make everything a whole lot easier than actually doing the annoying sh*t mini game. On the bright side at least he'll respawn a block away with other Troy's and Tarnell's lol :p

BTW if the alterntive way wasn't there I don't think I would hate any mission more than this. But supply lines is just too aweful, the worst, with the almost uncontrollable rc plane, limited fuel, the moving targets and the possibility to keep self destructing. I swear this mission was made to troll us by rockstar. When we are done and about to park on roof they show messages to press lmb to self destruct, lol !

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  • 3 weeks later...

Decided to upgrade to top 10 favorites:


1. The Meat Business

2. Black Project

3. Los Desperados (how could I forget this was pure action shoot out with the vagos, interaction with Cesar and the Aztecas was entertaining throughout)

4. Reuniting The Families

5. Doberman

6. The Da Nang Thang

7. Breaking the Bank at Caligula

8. Body Harvest

9. Saint's Mark Bristo

10. Homecoming.


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  • 3 weeks later...

1. The finishing missions of the game (Home Coming-End of the Line). I love the gang wars feature so that's why. 

2. A Home in the Hills.

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  • 1 year later...

1 - Pier 69 : Marks the middle point in the game and also kill Ryder.


2 - Black Project : One of best missions in the game, i expected it to be harder.


3 - Just Business : Adrenalin at any moment,

and also unlocked by the suck-ass train mission.


4 - Highjack : Really enjoyable mission but a little bit hard, Cesar still one of my favorite characters.


5 - Stowaway : Feels Adrenaline to climb into a plain with a bike.

Edited by TobiasMB2e
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Top 5 favourites

1 end of the line

2 reuniting the families

3 Breaking the bank

4 pier 69

5 House party

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  • 1 month later...

In no particular order:

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

The Da Nang Thang

Black Project

End of the Line

Pier 69

Robbing Uncle Sam

Ice Cold Killa

Reuniting The Families


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Reuniting The Families is just  about the last time the core group of GSF are together. Leaves me wanting more, it's like the game reaches a cinematic peak and takes a left turn into San Fierro. By the time you get back, you're deep into the third act and all the homies are just about dead.

Edited by Mindshower
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In the order they happened, not necessarily best to least:


1. Test Drive - Everything about this mission, the way they have casual conversation, to watching Cesar show off and almost wreck, even driving off the second floor through a window, fun times

2. Reuniting the Families - I always have hella fun with this mission, by this point I've always reached assassin level with the SMG, so its fun clearing the building out, shooting down a heli, and then let them drive while you shoot. Like it when the NPC's drive for you lol.

3. Against All Odds - Can't stand Catalina, but I wish this had been a mini mission template you could do more often. I love playing with satchel charges.

4 555 We Tip - The cutscene for this still makes me laugh.

5. Interdiction - I steady collect HS Rocket Launcher ammo from the moment I hit San Fierro, and I love the location of this mission. Blowing up heli's is already fun, but this was the perfect setup for it.

6. Black Project - Another solid mission, from the start I had fun with this. When you get underground, the woman on the P.A. adds a nice touch. Granted you don't actually get it until after Green Goo, but this is your first time to play with the jetpack in the storyline

7. Dam and Blast - I love the straight 007 feeling of this mission...




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One of my favorite missions is the mission where CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke they go in a car and they go to kill some Ballas 

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  • 1 month later...

5 - Reuniting the families

4 - Just business 

3 - Badlands

2 - T-Bone Mendez

1 - Cut Throat Business 

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That's the motherf*ckin green sabre!

1. Black Project

2. The Nang Thang

3. Los Desperados

4. End Of The Line 

5. Reuniting The Families

6. Air Raid

7. Pier 69

8. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

9. Are You Going To San Fierro?

10. The Green Sabre

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  • 2 months later...

Top 10


10.Free fall I hate this mission very much

9.Up up and away Kinda hard

8.Green Sabre Too many Ballas 

7.Learning to fly very hatefull this mission

6.Running Dog Very Eazy mission

5.Fish in a barrel You dont have to do nothing

4.Lure because i like being chased

3.Saint Marks Bistro I adore fliyng with plane

2.Pier 69 Who is the buster now?


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Sorry for typing again but i cannot stop
Top 20

20.Free Fall -2914913482945926352738523567235x63285283582/10 This mission is so bad if it was human it will have 21413423525245345 haters

19.Up UP and AWAY 0/10 too damn hard for me i dont have enough elycopter experience

18. Dam and blast 1/10 this mission is not so hard but i hate it too

17.High States Low Ryder 1/10 dude races are racist

16.Catalina Missionns 1/10 THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR ANFRY ME

15.Learning to fly 2/10 this is a hard mission because of it i did 4 rage quits

14.Farewell my love.... 2/10 Catalina is a stupid bitch,dont you agree?

13.Mike toreno 3/10 for why should i save him?

12.Intensive Care 3/10 Why should i save him,next mission he dies?!

11.Wu zi mu 4/10 this is not so hard mission

10.Wrong side of trasks 4/10 this is very hard mission

9.Running Dog 5/10 are you kidding me? This mission is a piece of cake

8.Nines and aks 6/10 in beta you get better weapon from emmet in a matter of time but now no thats why i putted here

7.Robbing Uncle Sam 6/10 this mission is eazy when you know what to do!

6.Saint Marks Bistro 7/10 This mission is super eazy i love it

5.Sweet and kendl 7/10 I putted here because i cant do anything when ballas appear and starts shooting me

4.King in exile 8/10 Very eazy missio very eaaaaazyyyy

3.Ryder 9/10 Funny mission

2.Bmx school 9/10 VEry eazy mission

1.Fish in a barell 10/10 here you dont have to do nothing its like skipping a mission

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I am surprised with how popular The Da Nang Thang is. That mission is hell to play without the frame limiter. Here are my favorites though (in no order)


  1. Saint Mark's Bistro- You get to fly to Liberty City. Nuff said.
  2. Stowaway- The "Mission Passed" screen is awesome.
  3. Catalyst- My favorite Ryder mission, I love the train raid and the shootout.
  4. Vertical Bird- You get to fly the hydra, and it's just really fun imo. I really wish we got to use stealth more in the normal missions
  5. Madd Dogg's Rhymes- stealth missions = ❤️
  6. Gray Imports- There's a lot of explosions here, you can shoot the crane and crush the mechanics (also if you drive your car into the red marker your car will become explosion proof so if you run into a gas tank nothing will happen)
  7. Just Business- I love drive-by missions with explosions & funny dialogue
  8. Reuniting The Families- Same as Just Business
  9. Supply Lines...- I know people hate this mission, but it's really hard and if you can overcome the learning curve it becomes fun. I always like to try to beat it without reaching the half-way point of the fuel tank.
  10. You've Had Your Chips- This is the hardest mission in the game in my opinion. No matter how good you are, if you slip up once and let one of the three combat shotgunners hit you, you are dead.
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Only three missions come to mind:

1. Doberman - from there, I can finally start takeover territory for the Grove

2. Black Project - one gangsta versus the might of the U.S. Military in the world's most secretive base.

3. Just Business & Reuniting The Familes are both no. 3 on my book largely because I like the shootout segments and the banter that accompanies it

4. Breaking the Bank at Caligula's - no need to explain other than it's satisfying sticking the landing from casino's roof towards the police chopper and flying at ease towards the abandoned airstrip

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-Breaking The Bank At Caligula's.

-Saint Mark's Bistro.

-Farewell My Love.

-Wrong Side Of The Tracks.

-Just Business.

-Reuniting The Families.

GTA Vice City Signature+Avatar Combo Request | PlayStation Universe

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