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Burglary Mission Goal for infinate sprint.


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In the burglar side-mission, do you need to get 10,000 from the stolen items to get Infinite sprint or get 23 stolen items? I don't know what it means (not during one session) in the wiki.

Edited by lil weasel
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The Goal is to acquire a total of $10,000 in goods.

This is accomplished in One or More events.

The More Items Gathered during a single nights (20:00 and 6:00) pursuits gains increasing value of the ittems.

All items have the "same value".


TIP: I use the the houses on Big Smoke's Street. The Corner House and the one Next to it. Grab the three (3) items in the living room TV, VCR, Boom Box, then grab one (1) item from next door then go back to the corner house (PC). The PC allows for Grab & Run. The PS requires more sneaking.

On my PlayStation if the alarm is set off I usually need to go to a different house.

Edited by lil weasel
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I do this differently and it works (almost) 100% of the time. I go to the dead-end street where the Loco Low Co. Low-rider car mod shop is located  (timing it so I start the burglary mission  at 20:00 BEFORE  I arrive there, and find two burglarable houses at the end.  back up and park between them. take an item from one and run into the other (at which point all items are reset in the 1st house) and take an item from it. (usually a television) keep doing this alternating between the two houses until daylight comes, (usually around 40 items aquired in one night of burglary) you then have 5 minutes to reach the lock-up (which is now practically right around the corner from you) and infinite sprint is aquired and lots of extra cash made as well! ($3,000 for the mission complete and whatever cash you made)  

  • this method allows you to run through the houses and save time and collect more items. (no sneaking required)
Edited by ChasingCoyote
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