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Framerate Vigilante - finding and fixing framerate related issues

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Update 20/10/19

  • Fixed [SA]: Wheel spin speed on NPCs cars with fake physics was inaccurate (slower than it should).
  • Fixed [SA/VC/III]: Mod now applies delayed fixes, thus avoiding incompatibilities with other .asi mods, for example by installing fastman92 limit adjuster on modloader with handling patch enabled.
  • Added [SA/VC/III]: Now comes with .ini file to choose your game FPS limit (60 by default). MixSets replaces this value.


MixMods post (for always latest version if you seeing this in future)


So you don't need to use other mod, like MixSets and Open Limit Adjuster to change the FPS limit now. It also removes the 14 ms frame delay, just like SilentPatch and MixSets.

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Sir i have mixsets and open limit adjuster, should i delete framerate line in those two, or just leave it like that ?

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Button inputs are to tied to the framerate so bicycling is extremely difficult at high FPS, and moving whilst aiming with rifles is still bugged in SA.

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Awesome progress so far, you are doing gods work. Playing GTA3 right now with the fixes and the only problem I noticed so far is that the longer sound effects cut off to early, like pedestrian chit-chat and shotgun cocking after firing.

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Hey, is it possible to create a "performance analyzer plugin" to detect which cleo scripts and asi plugins cause performance issues?

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