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What was your most satisfying RP/Immersive experience?

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Was there an instance where you, playing as either Arthur or John in game that made your immersion complete?


I'll start:


A few playthroughs back (deleted because my horse kept spawning randomly at train stations and got irritated) I had just completed Paying a Social Call, where Arthur, Bill and John take the captive Kieran Duffy up to Six Point Cabin where Colm is supposedly. Mission ends, and I, knowing that the Wanted system would kick in momentarily decided to Role-play a bit and loot any goodies I could get my hands on (I play blind, without the HUD or the health, stamina and Dead Eye on). Having used my Tomahawk in the earlier shootout, I decide to make Arthur go grab it when I hear the voices of Lawmen nearby, so I decide to sneak across as best I can to evade their sight. However, Arthur is spotted, and I decide rather than surrender myself, to shoot my way out.


First wave of the first responders are killed easily and well, so I whistle for my horse and get the f*ck out of there. This is where things go a little bit south, as further reinforcements arrive prompting me to make a dash into the forest where I immediately collide with a tree. So, I decide to run for it, shooing my horse away from the lawmen and try for the love of god to escape. That's when they set the dog's on me (seriously LOVE this feature). Put the dogs down but the combination of the tree collision, and the bullets that landed on me plus the lucky dog who got a nibble - Arthur wasn't looking too hot. One more shot from the last remaining Lawmen would spell the end of this play through (I play with perma-death rule - when Arthur dies non-canonically, I start over.) I turn to face the lawmen and very luckily land a shot that kills him, unaware though that this was the last one in pursuit but was so relieved by this news. Remember - I was VERY near to death at this point.


So, Arthur stays away from the trails and looks to find somewhere to rest (Another rule, when on low health indicated by the change of the display, I must find a place to rest immediately. Has to be a populated area with at least one person.) I see smoke over the ridge, and find a set up camp occupied by a single person. I limp over there (Again another feature I love) and kill the occupant because he was reluctant to share. After guzzling down some Whiskey to numb the pain and a bite to eat to regain some strength, Arthur ultimately falls to sleep.


Next morning, my Horse returns but in the company of several Bounty Hunters. Since im still in RP mode, I decide the better thing to do here is to just surrender.



Might never experience this much immersion again, but holy jesus did it tick all of my boxes.

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On 4/25/2019 at 12:32 PM, AcidicPaper said:

Might never experience this much immersion again, but holy jesus did it tick all of my boxes.

I like your style. 


I don't quite play like that, but I DO like to create immersive activities for myself.  For example, wake up at Horseshoe Overlook, decide go hunting & foraging up north, so dress up warm gear crafted from the trapper.  Stop into Valentine to load up on ammo and grab a bite.  Head into the mountains and hunt, fish, and gather for a few days, camping at night.  After I've loaded up, the return visit includes a stop into Valentine for a hot bath, fresh clothes, food, and a shave + haircut.  Sell meat to the butcher, visit the trapper to sell pelts, then back to Horseshoe Overlook, picking up a few more animals on the way to donate for provisions at camp.  


It truly feels like I'm living life like it was back in the early 1900s, and I love it!

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Mine was similar to yours, but near Annyesburg where I was ambushed by some bounty hunters. I fell off my horse early on and lost sight of the old boah and so I had to run on foot from them and a pack of dogs through rivers, creeks, mud and forests. Stamina was super low. I don't use the hud either so had to rely on sound to estimate where they were. I shot down 3 hunters and the dogs which were chasing me down. It was night time and the only light was from the moon.


I somehow managed to escape even though I fully expected to die. Spent the rest of the night hiding and evading them, getting out of sight just before day break. Making it out alive was such a rewarding experience. Only other time I've experienced such an against the odds escape was in Fallout New Vegas in the hotel early on in game. 

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I play a lot like @ChefCrimson
does, so I don't really have any examples.


Apart from the day I got it. It was freezing cold outside and inside, and I was playing through those first missions in the snow. Felt so right.

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