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Can someone explain me this?

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Im trying to install Enhanced Cloud Depth and Atmosphere mod. I have VisualV mod installed but i did everything for installation but i dont understand 3. part.

This is what it says in readme:

Installation: [Back up your files first. I am not responsible for damaged games.] 
1. Make sure you have ScriptHookV installed, and place "atmosphere.asi" and "atmosphere.ini" in the root of your GTA V directory.
2. Open the update.rpf folder for the version you are going to install. Make sure you install the right version for the graphics mod you are using.
   -If you are using the stock unmodified GTA V graphics, choose "update.rpf - (Vanilla)".
   -If you are using the VisualV graphics modification, choose "update.rpf - (VisualV)".
   -If you are using the Natural Vision Remastered graphics modification, choose "update.rpf - (Natural Vision Remastered)".
3. Using OpenIV, place the "common" and "x64" folders into the root of your "update.rpf". This will place the files into their correct location.


I dont understand 3. part at all, what does he mean to move common and x64 folders into the root of my update.rpf? Some explanation would be appreciated.

Here's the link of a mod i want to use:


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Posted (edited)

If you go into OpenIV and open the update.rpf file, you will see 3 folders (common, dlc_patch and x64) and two files (content.xml and setup2.xml), that is the root of update.rpf. So if you are using this mod on the VisualV modded game, you are going to drop the common and x64 folders from the update.rpf - (VisualV) folder of that mod into the update.rpf root.


Root is the first level you come to when you open an rpf file.

Edited by LeeC2202

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